‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Voice Concerns Over 2nd Spinoff Show ‘6666’

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” fans are a passionate bunch. And when they have concerns about the show, they definitely make it clear.

Show co-creator Taylor Sheridan is creating two new spinoff series, “Y:1883” and “6666.” Beyond those, Sheridan reportedly is also planning two new television shows, “Mayor of Kingstown” and “Land Man.”

The new spinoff, “6666,” will reportedly star Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy on “Yellowstone,” and Ryan Bingham, who plays Walker on the show.

Fans Concerned: Is Sheridan Spreading Himself Too Thin?

On Reddit, “Yellowstone” fans have been debating the pros and cons of the new spinoffs. Their top concerns are that the spinoffs are starting before the original show has ended and that Sheridan now has a lot of extra work on his plate.

“If those shows are as good as Yellowstone I’m all for it,” one fan posted. “I just hope they do not milk this universe too much, I usually prefer spin offs after the main show’s already ended.”

“I agree,” another fan chimed in. “I’m worried Sheridan may stretch himself too thin with all these projects at the same time.”

Some fans suggested that Sheridan et al. are “jumping the gun” by creating so many spinoffs all at once. But Sheridan is arguably just capitalizing on the moment. Both the Season 3 premiere and the Season 3 finale set new ratings records, with 7.5 million viewers total tuning in for the Season 3 closer. That catapulted “Yellowstone” into the No. 1 spot on cable TV.

Some fans worry the “Yellowstone” creators are “milking it” too much. But others dubbed the new spinoff “intriguing” and said they will follow it with interest.

In any event, if Sheridan can run his own ranch, raise a family and helm a hit TV series at the same time, he surely can manage this expanded universe of television offerings.

Sheridan Works Well Under Pressure for ‘Yellowstone’

Sheridan is certainly a busy man. As of last year, he still wrote every episode of “Yellowstone.” And he also took time out to direct “Those Who Wish Me Dead,” a film he wrote starring Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Hoult.

But fans can draw reassurance from the fact that Sheridan is basically an entertainment machine, churning out new “Yellowstone” episodes on cue, whether or not he has to shoot them shortly thereafter.

“At this point, I’m able to flip the switch. If I have to turn out an episode that they need to see tomorrow, I can do it,” he told Deadline last July. “If I want to write one that’s going to take place next year, I’ll do that, too. I don’t need a ticking time bomb behind me.”

Sheridan explained that at this point, he knows the “Yellowstone” characters so well that he was ready for a situation in which he basically had to write scripts for the show from Saturday to Sunday every week when he wasn’t busy with “Those Who Wish Me Dead.”

“When you know the characters so well, the real question is what is the situation you’re going to drop them into?” he said. “How are you going to test them, test their strength and their morality? So, it isn’t a question of how they would react to those things, because after writing 20 episodes and directing all of Season 1 and big chunks of Season 2, I know these characters and the actors know I know them. It was just a question of, what do I want them to face?”

Fans are no doubt waiting breathlessly to find out what the denizens of the Dutton ranch will face in Season 4, which is slated to air later this year.