‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Voting on Who Does ‘Best Acting’ on Series, See Who’s Winning

by Katie Maloney

Fans have found a new way to fuel the Dutton family rivalry. A new survey reviews which Yellowstone actor is the best performer.

Sometimes we forget that the Dutton’s aren’t real people. At times, the drama feels so real it’s as if we’re watching a reality show instead of a scripted television series. Now, that is good acting.

But who is most responsible for making the characters feel so real? Is it Kelly Reilly and her portrayal or Beth Dutton? Or maybe it’s Kevin Kostner who plays Beth’s father, John Dutton. Perhaps it’s not a Dutton at all and, instead, it’s a character like Rip Wheeler or Thomas Rainwater.

Reddit fans want to get to the bottom of these questions. This is why they’ve recently started a Yellowstone poll to see who is the best actor on the show. So far, Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler is in the lead with 356 votes. And with a season finale that featured Rip digging up his mother’s grave to retrieve her ring so he could propose to Beth, we understand why he’s been nominated.

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton is a very close second with 328 votes. And coming in third place is Kevin Costner as the family patriarch, John Dutton. Falling far behind is Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton with 68 votes, Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton with 47 votes, and Gil Birmingham as Thomas Rainwater with 14 votes.

Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton on Yellowstone.

When Can Fans Expect New Season Of Yellowstone?

Paramount Network is working on Yellowstone season four. The new season is expected to arrive this summer. New episodes will pick up where season three left off including the aftermath of the assassination attempts on John, Kayce, and Beth.

Although the network hasn’t released a trailer for the season yet, fans are anxiously awaiting more details. In the meantime, Reddit polls about the show will have to suffice.

During an interview, actress Kelly Reilly talks about what’s in store for her character, Beth Dutton in season four of Yellowstone.

“At the beginning of season three, there is a sort of quiet, healing vibe going on. Beth and Rip are living in the new house that they’ve been given. Beth has moved in and there’s a little bit of domestic quiet, gentleness that’s sort of creeping in which we’ve never seen Beth inhabit,” said Reilly. “Whether it lasts or not, it wouldn’t be a drama if it was constant. I don’t think that we’re at the happy ending stage yet, but I think there’s a glimmer of happiness and where that happiness and where that peace could live, you know what I mean?”

Fans will just have to see if Beth truly gets to live with some peace and happiness or if, in true Yellowstone fashion, life quickly gets more complicated.