‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Want to Give the Dutton Ranch Bunkhouse an ‘HGTV Makeover’

by Thad Mitchell

The wait for a new season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is going to be a little bit longer than initially expected.

“Yellowstone” creators announced just last week the modern western drama will return in the fall. While fans are super excited to have a timeline in place, they will have to get creative in passing the time. But, never fear…the internet is here.

The one thing “Yellowstone” fans love as much as watching the show is talking about the show. Message board forum sites have become the place to go to get your “Yellowstone” on. Many of these sites, like Reddit, have entire message boards in place solely for discussion of the show. Perusing threads and posts regarding “Yellowstone” is quite entertaining. Fans come up with all sorts of different angles in discussing their favorite show. Some posts are downright creative — such as a recent thread claiming the Yellowstone Ranch bunkhouse could use a makeover. The bunkhouse is a big part of the show and watchers spend a good amount of time witnessing what takes place there. Inside the facility, the ranch’s cowboy team eats, sleeps and plays cards. It isn’t a glamorous building and it packs a good number of men inside a rather small space.

This why the Reddit user suggests an “HGTV-style” makeover for the “Yellowstone bunkhouse.

“It needs a makeover. The bunk beds bother me for some reason, The Reddit poster writes. “There looks to be plenty of wall space. There could be non-bunk beds with the headboards against the wall and the beds parallel to each other and small nightstands between them.”

While a makeover for the bunkhouse isn’t likely coming soon, the thought makes for some quality “Yellowstone” discussion.

“Maybe I’ve spent too many years watching HGTV,” the fan continues. “But make the place look a bit more homey, comfortable and friendly and less temporary-poor-man’s-summer-camp.”

The Redditor also suggests renovating the bunkhouse bathroom by making the sinks higher and adding glass doors to the shower stalls.

Regardless of whether the bunkhouse is upgraded or not, fans are anxious to see more of the bunkhouse crew. There are some very interesting storylines that could manifest inside the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse in season four.

The budding relationship between Colby and Teeter is definitely one storyline fans want to see more of. Will they continue forward with one another or realize work and pleasure don’t always mix.

There is also a love triangle brewing inside the bunkhouse between Walker, Lloyd and Laramie. The “buckle bunny” had taken up with Lloyd, despite him being several decades older than her. It was an odd relationship but one that the audience fell in love with as Lloyd is a fan favorite. We last see Laramie emerging from Walker’s bed much to Lloyd’s dismay.

As the countdown to season four continues, remember there are fellow fans who want to talk “Yellowstone.”