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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Weigh in on the ‘Most Brutal Scene’ of the Show Thus Far

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

“Yellowstone” fans weigh in on the most brutal scene of the hit Paramount drama’s last three seasons.

“Yellowstone” isn’t exactly a feel-good, hug a puppy, frolic through a meadow type of show. It is more of a beat you to the ground, shoot you off a cliff, ‘did you give me a funny look, punk,’ series. And in the past three seasons, there are plenty of brutal scenes to go around.

Let’s take a look at the “Yellowstone” moments on that show that will have you saying, “Oh no. Oh my gosh ouch.” While the show isn’t lacking in other bloody scenes, these just are the top contenders.

Brutal ‘Yellowstone’ Moments

First, we have the moment that involves the Yellowstone bunkhouse men. When hunting down Wade Marrow and his child Clint, the two evil men are chased into the woods. Clint falls off his horse and is killed instantly when his head lands on a rock. Wade isn’t so lucky. He is strung up and dragged through the forest before being tied to a tree. Once on the tree, the cowboys cut the brand out of his chest. They string the man up and hang him in the tree to die. He and his son’s bodies are thrown over the ‘trail station’ edge, never to be seen again.

Next, we look back on the time where Kayce found the young girl tied up in the back of a van. While the show thankfully skipped the details involving the kidnapping, Kayce goes on to shoot one man, and another falls into a rock when Kayce ropes him, and he also dies on impact.

Finally, we will reflect on one more moment until we get to the realllyyyyy brutal meat and potatoes, and that moment is when “Yellowstone” gives you a flashback to Rip’s childhood. A young Rip wakes up from a beating he just took at the hands of his abusive father. He looks around the messy and bloody room to see his younger brother, unfortunately dead. Rip’s mother screams in the living room as his father repeatedly stabs her and beats her. The teenage boy arms himself with a frying pan and serves the evil man the same fate as the rest of Rip’s family.

The Worst Of The Worst

But what is the most brutal scene of the whole show? It doesn’t take a genius to guess. Even “Yellowstone” fans on Reddit flood into the social media platform to shutter at the beating Beth took in season two.

“The scene with Beth getting beaten was so intense. Kelly did an amazing job and probably should have won an Emmy for her performance. It’s on right now. I wasn’t sure how it was going to end. Damn! I love Rip!”

Another user mentioned how “powerful” the terrifying scene was.

“Most brutal scene. Hard to watch, but a powerful scene. Beth never backed down, never showed fear to the attackers. Kelly Reilly was phenomenal, such a raw, painful, intense scene.”

For those of you who cannot remember the details involving the beating, take a look here to get the written play-by-play of Beth and Rip’s fearlessness.