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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Weigh in on ‘Most Unbelievable’ Storyline in the Series So Far

by Katie Maloney
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Any “Yellowstone” fan knows to expect the unexpected when it comes to the storylines on the show. The Season Three bombing proved that anything can happen at any moment on “Yellowstone.” But of all the stories through all three seasons, what is the most unbelievable storyline on the show? Fans took to Reddit to debate the topic. And honestly, we’re a little surprised that this is what they landed on. Of all the things that have gone down on the show, one fan thinks this is the least plausible moment.

“When Monica got stopped in the clothing store and called Beth, I said bullshit. No way Monica would ever have thought to get Beth’s phone number. They each had too much contempt for the other to ever have that conversation, ‘Hey, what’s your number? I want to save it in my phone.'”

We hear what this fan is saying. But it’s also really difficult for us to agree that this is the most unbelievable thing that’s happened on “Yellowstone.” And several other fans agreed with us. Fans were quick to point out that they had the phone numbers of family members they don’t really speak to or even like in their phones.

Why Do Fans Think This Moment Was So Unbelievable?

One user wrote, “I don’t know. I have the phone numbers for family members I don’t talk to. And in her shoes, I would call the scariest person I know. And I’d Beth knew the owner, in a small town, I guarantee Monica knew that too.”

Another fan said that they don’t remember Monica and Beth having contempt for each other. “I don’t think they had contempt for one another.” The user added that they also think that Monica having Beth’s phone number is totally believable. “And I think it’s very plausible that Monica would have Beth’s phone number. I don’t think that’s strange at all.”

How Did Monica Get Beth Dutton’s Phone Number On ‘Yellowstone’?

One fan explained that Kayce could have given Beth’s phone number to Monica. This is a common thing for partners. They ask for the phone numbers of their partner’s family members in case of emergencies.

“She may not have gotten it from Beth herself, but from Kayce, for emergencies,” said the fan.

Another “Yellowstone” fan added that there have been plenty of times when they had to suck it up and just get the phone number of someone they didn’t like in order to coordinate something with them. They wrote, “I have the number of plenty of family members or people I don’t care for. You’ve never needed to coordinate something with someone you don’t like and needed their number?”

Regardless of how Monica got Beth’s number, we’re pretty sure there are several other storylines that are far less believable than this.