‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Wonder What We’re Missing About Beth Dutton’s Relationship With Her Mom

by Will Shepard

Yellowstone‘s fans are curious about Beth Dutton’s relationship with her mother, Evelyn. This is a valid question as their relationship is certainly hard to understand.

In the flashback when Beth’s mom passes away, she is incredibly rude and mean to her daughter. Later on, Beth and Jamie are in the car fighting. But she is holding a gun to her own head. She says that her mom was never seemed to care about her, that she never looked at her with love in her eyes.

There is another memory of Beth’s mom that surfaces later on. There is a flashback to Christmas morning when Beth gets her first period. Her mom takes care of this situation really well, certainly being kind and understanding of the situation. Beth’s mom says that she needs to be strong to get through it.

So, what about their relationship are Yellowstone fans missing? Were they once close, and something happened? What about the two of them is being left out that is making fans nervous about judging the relationship?

As to be expected with anything Beth Dutton and Yellowstone, Reddit users were on the case.

Dissecting Beth Dutton and Her Mom’s Relationship

There are a couple of theories out there about their relationship. And all of them seem plausible about the relationship between Beth and her mom.

To start, let’s examine when Beth talks about her mother not looking at her with love in her eyes before her death. It can certainly be that she was saying that as a momentary thing, not that her mom never looked at her lovingly. Beth was grieving in her own way and took the death incredibly hard.

However, in that same speech, she talks about the grief after her mother’s death is far more than Jamie’s own grief. One Reddit user says that this is weird.

“Of course, this is the same speech where Beth claimed Jamie’s grief over their mother and Lee wasn’t as great as hers because you had to watch them die to lose them. [This] is strange since Beth wasn’t there when either of them died. Only Kayce was.”

The next step is to examine their actual relationship. Beth’s behavior might be attributed to her mother because Evelyn gave her such tough love. This is certainly a plausible reason that the two’s relationship was different. Beth’s mom was teaching her how to have tough skin and be a dominant force in a male society.

Was Evelyn Dutton Teaching “Tough Love?”

Another Reddit user has a lot to say about Beth’s upbringing. This person speaks to the tough love that Evelyn Dutton gave her daughter over the years.

“I always thought she sent Beth because she was still trying to teach those tough lessons, sort of like Beth made the mess, she needed to fix it. But, maybe I’m totally wrong, and it was just her instinct to keep her youngest and favorite with her. Kayce was really young, 7 or so, so maybe she just didn’t want to risk him.”

It is also possible that Beth’s upbringing tells another story. The death of her mom could have caused problems, resulting in her being so sporadic and unpredictable. Another thought is that her mom is the reason for her daughter’s astounding brilliance. Beth is certainly capable of running the Yellowstone ranch.

So, as for their relationship, there is unquestionably more than meets the eye. More than likely the two had a strained relationship and couldn’t patch things up before her death. To this day, she seems to be trying to make up for that weird relationship in her life.