‘Yellowstone’ TV: Should Fans Be ‘Worried’ When Kevin Costner’s John Dutton Supervises Tate Alone?

by Halle Ames

Should Yellowstone fans be nervous about John Dutton’s grandparenting abilities? Well, maybe yes and no.

Tate Dutton is the only child of Kayce and Monica. He is also John Dutton’s only grandchild to pass on the family name and ranch too. Naturally, he is a vital part of the close-knit family.

But, is John Dutton irresponsible when watching the young boy, or does Tate have terrible luck and a target on his back?

So far, there have been two instances where Tate has been in danger when in John’s presence.

Into the Water They Go

The first time was when John and his “grandson,” like he always calls him, went down near the creek or river or whatever you want to call it. Tate goes to collect wood for a fire the duo is building, and poof. He disappears.

John quickly realizes that Tate is missing and jumps in the fast-moving water after him. He fights the water and makes it to the side, where the two shiver from the frigid water that is likely mountain snow runoff.

They make the fire and sit right next to it for warmth. Tate isn’t badly hurt, but even John admits that he “almost lost him.”

You Own a Horse. You Feed the Horse.

The second time, John Dutton and Tate are hanging out in the house. John tells Tate that if he is going to be a responsible horse owner, then he needs to go out and feed the animal himself after dinner.

Tate walks outside, but after a bit of time, poof. The boy vanished once again.

This time, it wasn’t as simple as him slipping and falling into a river. The Beck brothers hire someone to kidnap Tate. They gave the youngest Dutton to a terrifying militia group, and after Kayce takes out a whole group of armed men, he eventually finds his son with a shaved head, frozen in fear.

Do We Blame John Dutton?

However, do we blame John Dutton? No. Think of all the times that Tate was in trouble when with his father, Kayce.

Also, John may not be the best father to the late Lee, Beth, Jamie, and Kayce, but they turned out somewhat okay.

Lee, unfortunately, died in the first episode from a gun battle over cattle, but that was out of John’s hands.

Jamie is twisted in his own way, but that could be his Randall genes rearing their ugly head.

Beth is Beth. She grew up mad at the world after a series of unfortunate events, too, terrible for a young girl to live through.

And Kayce is just a loner. John Dutton and he may have butted heads, but I feel that’s because they are so similar.

Reddit Weights In on John Dutton’s Parenting Abilities

Fans on Reddit debate the issue, with one user commenting, “Who else gets worried when John Dutton is supervising Tate alone. 😆”

One Yellowstone fan argues back, saying that John would do anything for Tate.

“Not me. I think he sees Tate as his last chance at being a good role model. And sometimes good role models do bad things for the right reasons. Tate is literally his last hope, in every sense. He would die to protect that child.”

This fan hilariously responded, saying, “Tate is fine. I worry more when John is supervising Jamie alone.”

Fair points all around.