Yellowstone TV Favorites: John Dutton Confronts Jamie After Magazine Leaks

by Jon D. B.

Relive one of Yellowstone‘s countless masterclasses in drama as John Dutton puts son Jamie in his place. And rightfully so.

Jamie: Dad, I won’t betray you. You have my word.
John: Well, we’re about to find out what that’s worth.

Oh, Jamie. You poor black sheep. John Dutton raised his adopted son purely as one of his own, but if fans of the show know anything, it’s that something has and always will be off with Jamie Dutton.

As such, Yellowstone viewers love to hate the most calculating of the clan. Yet as mixed as feelings may be on Jamie, could he really be as bad as we think he is? And will become? Is he capable of really betraying his family? Could he have put the hits out on them in the Season 3 finale? Is Garret Randall actually his biological father?

So. Many. Questions. Especially ahead of his highly-anticipated Season 4 return. Unfortunately for Jamie, however, the writing’s already on the wall. He’s already betrayed his father. Already betrayed his siblings. Already betrayed the ranch.

Now, Yellowstone is revisiting one of the most pivotal betrayals of the Dutton Family in this official clip. Titled “John Confronts Jamie,” the scene shows the intense moment Jamie knows he has to confront his father over what he’s done to him – and his own kin.

Never should’ve done that magazine interview, Jamie. Never. Should’ve. Done it.

John Confronts Jamie | Yellowstone Revisited

Relive this classic scene with us, and witness one of countless masterclasses in acting from John Dutton‘s legendary Kevin Costner as he puts Jamie (Wes Bentley) in his place. And rightfully so.

John knows Jamie gave an interview to the press, and he’s not happy about it.

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Jamie’s Best Quotes to His Father, John Dutton

By the time this scene passes, all the way to the unbelievable Season 3 finale of Yellowstone, things only get worse for Jamie. In turn, the morally-ambiguous student of law has spoken several times over – to some real shady folk – about his “right” to and being “bred for” Yellowstone Ranch. He wants it for himself. Jamie knows it. We know it. His father knows it.

But in the end, can Jamie Dutton truly be as “evil” as Beth swears he is to his face? Or is he just a product of the bruising his father has put on him over the years? The relationships on display here are palpably tense, but in the end: they’re all family. Such is masterfully displayed through Yellowstone‘s writers, with lifetime lines from father to son like:

Jamie: What do you want me to become?
John: A lawyer.
Jamie: You always say that you don’t respect lawyers.
John: Well, become one that I can.
Jamie: Why a lawyer?
John: Lawyers are the swords of this century. Words are weapons now. I need you to learn how to use ’em.


Jamie: Workin’ with them is a deal with the devil, dad.
John: All the angels are gone, son. There’s only devils left. At least they admit it.


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