‘Yellowstone’ TV Favorites: Rip Wheeler, Ranch Hands Take Down Divine Discord Biker Gang

by Jon D. B.

What would Yellowstone do without Rip? And what would Rip do without Lloyd? Relive one of the absolute best scenes from the entire series as the Yellowstone ranchers take down the Divine Discord Biker Gang.

“Which one of these a**holes is the boss of you?”

What. A. Brawl. If you’ve watched Season 3 of Yellowstone, then you can’t wait to re-watch this montage. If you haven’t, then ***be warned of massive spoilers for Season 3, Episode 4 below!***

By the time S3, Ep. 4 ends, you know exactly who the episode’s title, “Going Back to Cali,” is referring to. While this stellar episode offers multiple of the season’s best scenes – it’s the first, all out biker brawl that takes the cake. The energy the cast delivers for this exchange is palpable, and it absolutely warrants revisiting as a Yellowstone TV Favorite. But first, let’s set the dusty stage, shall we?

After setting out for a cattle auction, it’s time for the ranch hands to return home to Yellowstone. It’s not a smooth ride back, however. Along their return, Ryan, Colby, and Teeter spot a group of bikers camping out on Dutton Ranch property. Seeing as how they’re trespassing (and damaging) private property, Teeter & the gents prepare themselves to deal with the situation. In short: they know they’re in for a fight they weren’t expecting.

And of course, they get it. After coming face to face with the Divine Discord biker gang, Ryan realizes they’re not going to go willingly. In what may not have been the smartest of moves (okay, it was real stupid), Ryan pulls out his livestock agent badge as a result.

And the rest? Oh, the rest is so, so worth a re-watch.

Ranch Hands & Bikers’ Brawl | Yellowstone, Season 3

Jump back into the Biker Brawl with us and witness Rip & Lloyd come to the rescue all over again.

These bikers learned that hard way that trespassing on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is not acceptable behavior. Teeter (Jen Landon) may have started it, but Rip (Cole Hauser) ended it. Watch the epic biker brawl from season 3.

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The entire sequence is made that much more powerful by the remainder of the episode. Rip orders the bikers’ boss to leave or else, sure… but Lloyd knows if they do – they’ll be back. He’s right, too.

Once Divine Discord shows back up to burn Yellowstone under the cover of night, the man himself is waiting for them. There stands John Dutton ready to protect his home.

“This field’s mine, that fence is mine,” JD starts off. “You damaged both and you came back to damage them more. This is my home. If I did this to your home what would you do?”

“I’d kill you…” Discord’s boss admits… and that’s when Rip, Lloyd, Kayce, and Ryan step forth from the darkness – fully armed.

His teeth bared, JD lets the biker boys know that if they stick around, they’ll be filling the graves he’s about to make them dig for themselves. Boss move.

As any wising idiot would, the bikers turn tail and leave with their lives – back to California. But have we seen the last of them? The final word on the situation between father and son seems to imply we haven’t…

“Leave the graves,” John tells Kayce. Will they be filled in Season 4? Count us among the millions who cannot wait to find out.

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