‘Yellowstone’ TV: Finn Little of ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ Posts Throwback Photo as New Character Announcement Revealed

by Quentin Blount

Finn Little is a 15-year-old actor from Australia who is among a few other new faces that we will be seeing in the near future on Yellowstone.

Turns out that many of the Yellowstone fan theories out there were true — the show will be adding the likes of Little, along with Jacki Weaver, Piper Perabo, and Kathryn Kelly. And although we have not yet been given a set debut date for Season 4, Paramount Network is reportedly looking at a November start date.

But as for Finn Little, Yellowstone fans are now trying to get to know the newest confirmed addition to the Dutton Ranch. First off, Little was born on June 9, 2006, in Brisbane, Australia. That means that he just turned 15 years old last month.

But for being such a young actor, Finn Little already has a surprisingly impressive resume. The newest Yellowstone cast member was featured in a couple of popular Netflix series. He played Gilles in Tidelands as well as portraying a character in The Reckoning.

Little took to social media around the same time his new character on Yellowstone was announced. He took part in the popular “Throwback Thursday” trend, posting a handful of pictures from 2019 when he was playing Connor on Those Who Wish Me Dead.

“TBT 2019: Wow! … on this day 2 years ago we wrapped. (I was waiting for “Hannah” to throw me, “some candy, … and shit…”) What an incredible adventure!”

Fans React to Throwback Post from Newest ‘Yellowstone’ Star

Fans of the young actor were most definitely in their feels after seeing Finn Little’s “Throwback Thursday” pic. Like many of them, all of us Yellowstone fans can agree — it will be a treat to watch Little continue to grow up on the hit show.

“Finn ur so cute, i wont forget this scene And how you cry very genuine to hannah,” one fan wrote.

“You’re so adorable — kinda bitter-sweet to see you in your teens but we all do have to grow up – right?” another follower posted. “I am 76 & still growing lol you are raised right! Beautiful family — looking forward to see you in comedy & perhaps as a villain as well? lol”

Were you wondering just how exactly the young man landed on the set of Yellowstone? Well, Finn Little’s Yellowstone connection doesn’t come out of just anywhere. As a matter of fact, Those Who Wish Me Dead and Yellowstone have a very important man in common — Taylor Sheridan.

Sheridan was the producer and director for Those Who Wish Me Dead, a Western action thriller film. So, he worked with Finn Little there. And as for Yellowstone, Sheridan is the creator and writer of the entire show.