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‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Gets His Cowboy On in New Photos from Montana Horse Auction

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The latest shot from Yellowstone‘s Forrie J. Smith shows him completely in his element at the World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale.

“So fortunate to have friends where ever I go! What an event!” says the Yellowstone star for his recent Instagram post. On Wednesday, Smith posts a shot of himself and another giant of the rodeo world, Chad Berger, looking every bit the real deal they are.

Recently, Smith made his way to the World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale. The show, a staple of the rodeo world, takes place in Custer County, Montana, and is an unmissable event for livers of this life.

“It was awesome to see ya there,” replies Chad Berger himself to the Yellowstone actor’s repost. Berger is the proprietor of Chad Berger’s Bucking Bulls and a 10x PBR Stock Contractor of the Year. Talk about credentials – and what friends to have, indeed.

 Berger himself originally posted the photo, saying: “Headed home from PBR Billings a little early to stop in and watch the @milescitybuckinghorse bronc match! Just so happened to run into @forriejsmithcowboy!!”

Yellowstone fans aren’t surprised that Forrie J. Smith has “friends wherever he goes,” either.

“That’s because you’re an awesome guy” replies fan Nora.

“And handsome as ever,” adds follower Jinks. Can’t (and would never) disagree with either statement, ladies!

‘Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith Keeps Rodeo Alive and Well On & Off Screen

Alongside show creator Taylor Sheridan, Smith brings immeasurable authenticity to Outsider’s favorite show and the best damn modern Western of the 21st century. We’re preaching to the choir, but there’s truly no counting the strengths of Yellowstone for fans. It’s the best of so many worlds, all culminating within the best modern television has to offer. If we had to pinpoint one strength on behalf of the show, however, it’d be said authenticity.

Through the watchful eyes of Sheridan, the show remains as true-to-life as it can within such a high-stakes, neo-reality Western. At the forefront of all of this is casting. While some actors like Kevin Costner have decades of equestrian experience, others like Forrie J. Smith are the absolute real deal. Lloyd is right at home on Yellowstone, too, as the show is just about the only one you’ll find today that shows the ways of the modern American West in all its rodeo glory.

Smith agrees with this wholeheartedly, too. Speaking to TVFanatic recently, he broke down how much the show’s reflection of his life means to him.

“I give Taylor a big kiss on the cheek for bringing our culture to the forefront and making a great show out of it, Smith begins of Taylor Sheridan.” It means a lot to me, but it’s kind of too late… They’ve already got the water table sucked down. They’ve already subdivided a lot of good grazing land,” he laments of the fate of his lifelong career as a rancher and cowboy.

“But [Yellowstone] is telling our story. And I’m glad to see that getting out.”

So are your fellow Outsiders, Mr. Smith!