‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Forrie J. Smith Announces He’s Donating $5 Per Sale of New Coffee-Infused Whiskey

by Jon D. B.

Get ready for Lloyd’s own blend o’ bourbon, Yellowstone fans! And for each sale, actor Forrie J. Smith will donate $5 to a children’s hospital.

Chances are, if you’re as big a Yellowstone fan as us Outsiders, then the thought of a new, coffee-infused craft whiskey by none other than real-life-cowboy Forrie J. Smith sounds like a perfect investment. You’re in luck, too, as that’s exactly what heading our way!

Smith has been hard at work on his new bourbon blend with Oak & Eden. The coffee infused whiskey will hit “within a month” for Albuquerque, New Mexico fans first. All others will be able to order at OakandEden.com, as well, Smith cites on his official Instagram Wednesday.

And for each bottle sold, the Yellowstone star is donating $5 “to the Children’s Shiner Hospital.”

Excellent-sounding whiskey from our favorite cowboy and a good cause? What a gent. Count us in!

“NEWS FLASH♨️..Coming soon🎯within a month… You will be able to buy my #oakandeden Coffee Infused whiskey in Albuquerque. NM!!🎰💯 Other areas will be coming or go order at: www.oakandeden.com
I am donating $5. per bottle sold to the Childrens Shiner Hospital…Thank you very much♥️,” reads Smith’s full reveal.

‘Yellowstone’ Star’s Bourbon Blend Aims to Please

Oak & Eden came into the 21st century whiskey game strong in 2017, and hasn’t slowed down since. In recent years, they’ve come to collaborate with “America’s most notable ramblers” for their Anthro Series releases. And who better to pioneer this effort than one Forrie J. Smith?

“The Anthro Series is a collaborative product line of one-of-a-kind whiskeys created by one-of-a-kind people,” cites Oak & Eden. For their latest and greatest bourbon, the company says they “partnered with Forrie to create a bold cowboy coffee infused whiskey, crafted with barrel strength Oak & Eden bourbon and finished with a cold brew coffee infused American Oak spire.

Forrie J Smith is a true cowboy, bold and strong,” they add of the Yellowstone star. “He is no stranger to a spirit of hard work and gratitude. From his life in the rodeo to his days as a stuntman in Hollywood to his role as Lloyd on the Paramount hit TV show, Yellowstone, Forrie is the embodiment of a character that has stood the test of time.”

Well said, ladies & gents! We couldn’t agree more, and are absolutely looking forward to tasting Forrie J. Smith’s coffee-infused bourbon for ourselves!