‘Yellowstone’ TV: Forrie J. Smith Goes Full Cowboy at Chili Cook-off in New Pics

by Thad Mitchell

Among the most popular characters on the hit Paramount Network series Yellowstone, is Forrie J. Smith’s senior cowboy, Lloyd.

While Lloyd’s age has yet to be revealed on the show, he is clearly the elder statesman of the Yellowstone bunkhouse crew. He commands the respect of his cowboy peers for his vast experience on the ranch and capable workmanship. In return, Lloyd has shown a willingness to help and mentor the younger ranch hands when needed. This is especially true for Jimmy, as Lloyd has taken the rookie ranch hand under his wing. Not only has Lloyd taught Jimmy the ways of the ranch but he’s also taught him how to rodeo, along with several life lessons.

Despite being a secondary character, Lloyd has become a favorite among fans of the Yellowstone Ranch. A great deal of that admiration can be directly attributed to Forrie J. Smith’s experience as a real-life cowboy. A big reason why Smith fits into the Yellowstone universe is that he lives the life — even away from the set.

Smith recently made an appearance at a chili cook-off fundraiser to benefit New Mexico firefighters and first responders. It is safe to say that those attending the cook-off are big Yellowstone fans, judging by the recognition Smith received. He took to social media earlier this week to share a few photos of the event. He even raffled a bottle of his brand new Oak and Eden Bourbon Whiskey.

“Big time at the Chili cook-off in Pie Town, NM,” Smith says in the Instagram post. “EMS and Firefighters Benefit. Gail Armstrong won my signature blend of Oak and Eden Whiskey in the raffle!”

Yellowstone Fans Hope for More Lloyd in Season 4

It appears the Yellowstone actor also had himself a good time at the event representing a great cause. Smith announced his collaboration with Oak and Eden earlier this month.

With the new season quickly approaching, Yellowstone fans are pondering what could be in store for Lloyd. He has a ways to go if wants to top his actions in the third. The previous season saw Lloyd take on and defeat a group of bikers, become Rip Wheeler’s best man and nab a pretty buckle bunny who is less than half his age.

Not bad for a season’s worth of work — but we wouldn’t be against Forrie J. Smith topping the performance in season four.