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Yellowstone TV: Forrie J. Smith Poses With Cole Hauser in Season 4 Behind-The-Scenes Photo

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramoint Network / Viacom

Yellowstone fans need no introduction for Forrie J. Smith or Cole Hauser, and the duo’s latest filming stint has them posing together on their Montana ranch.

As TV’s top drama, Yellowstone has innumerable strengths. Their top merit, however, is authenticity. The show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, works tirelessly to make the show realistic. And Forrie J Smith has a leg up on his acting friends like Cole Hauser.

Smith is known to Yellowstone audiences simply as Lloyd, our favorite ranch hand. If you think he’s perfect for the role – it’s because he’s a real life cowboy. A long-time Hollywood stunt man and actor, Yellowstone is Smith’s first big break as a series regular.

As much as we love this authentic cast – they seem to love each other just as much. Posing together for a behind-the-scenes shot for Season 4, Cole Hauser rests his arm on friend Smith while filming on the Montana “Dutton Ranch”.

Cole Hauser, Forrie J., Ian Bohen Strike a Pose

#ColeHauser and I taking a quick break between takes!!” Smith captions his Instagram shot. These two cowboys make for quite the pair:

In addition, Smith also posts a shot with Yellowstone‘s Ryan. “Ian Bohen and I with our masks off!! Good times on #yellowstonetv.”

Both shots offer rare behind-the-scenes glimpses into S4 of Yellowstone. While we’ve been treated to several of these BTS shots by actors, Paramount has yet to offer up any official release date or trailer for the highly-anticipated next season.

Regardless, Smith is active on his own account, and even took time out of filming to thank American farmers for “keeping our country fed” in a heartwarming – and well-deserved – post.

Forrie J. Smith Thanks American Farmers

Taking to Instagram, Smith wants to thank his own family – and all other American farmers – for keeping America fed. In addition to working through crippling snow, farmers have a hard life in general.

“Check out this Truck full of snow!” Smith posts with a clear photo. “Thinking of my brother and aunt taking care of my horses in this fall/winter snowfall.”

“I want to Thank all the farmers and ranchers that deal with this weather year after year to keep America fed!

Forrie J. Smith is a fine man for doing so, too. Having lived this hardship himself, he knows that farmers are often overlooked. American farmers are vital to our economy and the world’s economy.

As Lloyd, he hold’s one of Yellowstone’s most memorable lines, as well. And it pertains directly to this tribute.

“Rough business becoming a man, ain’t it? Beats the alternative, though.”

Season 4 of Yellowstone hits Paramount Network in 2021.

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