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‘Yellowstone’ TV Fourth of July Marathon Has Fans Noticing Small Details They Previously Missed

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

In case you haven’t heard yet, “Yellowstone” is set to return later this year once the fall season sets in.

While it isn’t the news that “Yellowstone” watchers wanted, the show’s enormous fan breathed a sigh of relief. The show producers left fans in the dark as to when the show will return for nearly a year. While the wait for a new season is going to be longer than first expected, we’re all excited to have a timeline in place. There isn’t an exact date for the season four premiere, but “Yellowstone” should be back once the leaves change into beautiful new colors. It is certainly an exciting time to be a “Yellowstone” fan and here at Outsider, we are huge fans of the modern western drama.

In the meantime, there is plenty of opportunities to get caught up on the first three seasons of the show or whet your appetite for more. A “Yellowstone” marathon is currently in progress to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. If you need a quick “Yellowstone” fix, simply turn over to the Paramount Network and immerse yourself in its goodness.

Several “Yellowstone” fans are doing exactly that and many are watching the entire series for the second, third, or even fourth time. Watchers are also noting small details from the show that they missed during the first go-around. The weekend marathon is giving fans the fuel to discuss the show in a new light and many are sharing their thoughts online. For instance, on Reddit user just discovered the actor that pays Walker (Ryan Bingham) is an actual country music artist.

“The actor playing Walker is a real-life country singer,” the fan proclaims. “I had no idea.”

Most recently, Bingham returned to playing live music. Check out his return to the stage here.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Enjoying Weekend Marathon

Other fans say a re-watch of previous seasons has brought them clarity on particular moments on “Yellowstone.”

“Second time I watched all 3 seasons I understood what some things meant that weren’t so clear the first time around,” another Redditor says. “Like when Beth saw John reading to Tate and she went in her closet and started screaming. I didn’t put two and two together until we found out why Beth hates Jamie. Then I understood why she did that. This is the 4th time I’ve watched all 3 seasons.”

As Yellowstone fans (who have seen all 3 seasons know), the tension is thick between Jamie and Beth. But things certainly could have gone differently if one tiny plot detail was switched. Here’s what fans are saying about the unforgettable moment.

The ongoing “Yellowstone” marathon will show every episode in all three seasons to date. So whether you’re celebrating Independence Day with fireworks or a fish fry, make a little time for “Yellowstone.”

With a timeline now out on season four, excitement is beginning to build. “Yellowstone” will dodge head-to-head competition with the summer Olympics but could square off with the NFL this fall. If this is the case, some difficult decisions will have to made in the homes of “Yellowstone” and football fans.