‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Trailer: Frame-by-Frame Breakdown of New Release Date Trailer

by Clayton Edwards

Hold on to your hats, Yellowstone fans, because season 4 is coming and we have a trailer. Earlier this afternoon the hit western’s official Twitter account announced that the long-awaited fourth season will hit the airwaves on November 7th. Along with that announcement, they dropped a short trailer to whet our appetites.

If this trailer is anything to go off of, season 4 of Yellowstone is going to be an intense ride. This is how we are starting. So, there’s no telling where things will go from here. One thing is for sure. The Duttons are at war and things are going to get messy.

The season 4 trailer starts with some things we saw near the end of Yellowstone’s third season. Kevin Costner’s John Dutton gets ambushed on the highway. First, we see John on the highway, walking to his vehicle. A voice asks, “Hey, you’re John Dutton, aren’t ya?” and he turns to face the voice. Before he can reply, a gunman kicks the back door of a large blue van open.  We can briefly see the kneeling man bringing a rifle to his shoulder. Then, the screen fades to black and we hear gunshots ring out.

When the scene comes back into focus we see Dutton slumped against his car, holding his stomach. Carrion birds are circling in the sky waiting on their next meal as the Yellowstone patriarch bleeds out on the asphalt.

The Yellowstone Season 4 Trailer is Full of Mystery

Next, a crow stands near the centerline on the highway and caws. The screen goes dark again. Now, Dutton is laying down on the road. However, he’s not dead. There’s still a little life left in him. It seems as though he is reaching out to the midnight blackbird. For a split second, we’re led to believe that John will pull himself up. Then, his head falls as all of his remaining energy gathers in a pool below him.

The screen goes black once again. Then, just before the trailer announces the release date for Yellowstone season 4, we hear a gravel-ly voice declaring war. He says, “We’re at war, you and me.”

The trailer ends with tense music playing as the Yellowstone title followed by the season 4 premiere date flash on the screen.

This trailer leaves us with more questions than answers about season 4 of Yellowstone. First and foremost, what will happen to John Dutton? They couldn’t possibly kill him off. Could they? Even if he doesn’t die, he’s badly wounded. How much of a part will he play in the coming events?

We also want to know who is declaring war on the Duttons? Could it be Jamie? We’ll have to wait until Yellowstone season 4 kicks off in November, until then, we’ll watch the trailer on loop.