‘Yellowstone’ TV: Has a Season 4 Premiere Date Been Set?

by Jon D. B.

The promise of a “Summer 2021” release for Yellowstone Season 4 was on the table for a year. Now, however, we’re looking at “Fall 2021″… But when, exactly?

It’s the million-dollar question. While fans now know to expect Season 4 come autumn, further details are scarce. As such, Outsider is breaking down what we know to see if we can get a clearer answer.

Fans are doing so, too. Over at their ever-active Yellowstone board on Reddit, die-hards are asking: “When does Season 4 premiere!?”

“I hope it’s November. I can already picture myself full of great thanksgiving food, drinking a beer, and watching new episodes of Yellowstone,” says frequent, aptly named poster BunkhouseRyan.

“That’s a dream closer to Heaven than most of us get. Seconded!” another follower replies.

We’ll third that, gents! Sadly, though, this November release date is only a projection. We still do not have an exact date, as this fan points out:

“No, no one can provide a date as there is no confirmed date; all Paramount said is that it’s going to be premiering in the fall (Deadline reports November),” responds Redditor KittenOfBalnain.

Breaking Down the Facts: ‘Yellowstone’ 4 Release Date

On July 1, 2021, Deadline let Yellowstone fans know they’ll need to “hold their horses.” Many of us have been hotly-anticipating a Summer 2021 release, as the show itself toted this release window for Season 4 early on. It would match all three premieres prior, too. Then the COVID-19 Pandemic changed everything across the planet.

Like nearly every other project in existence, Yellowstone was pushed back due to the pandemic’s effect on humanity. As a result, we’ll now see Season 4 come “Fall 2021.” And we know this courtesy of Deadline, which cites:

Deadline hears that the show has officially left the warm season slot it held for its first three seasons. While no one would confirm a rock-solid debut date, I hear they are eyeing early November for the start of the new season of the Paramount Network series,” says Deadline’s co-editor-in-chief for film, Mike Fleming Jr.

From Fleming’s insider-info comes our estimated November 2021 release date. This information has not been reported anywhere else.

Via Fleming, we know Yellowstone S4 “will join the launch corridor for most returning prestige and must-see shows, when eyeballs are optimized and Yellowstone gets the chance to cross-promote on CBS’ NFL broadcasts, with a season that will run through the holidays.”

Will Season 4 Be Binge-able?

This same announcement from Deadline came with a ton of exciting casting announcements, too. But another question on fan’s minds is – how will Season 4 release?

“Does anyone know if the entire season will be dropped at once or an episode at a time?” asks one Redditor.

Yellowstone should be broadcast as a traditional episodic, weekly television series for Season 4. While many shows release all at once now on streaming services, Paramount Network has released each season of Yellowstone so far in the traditional format – with one episode airing every Sunday during season runs.

Here’s to hoping for that November 2021 release date, and a fantastic holiday season spent with the Duttons!