‘Yellowstone’ TV: Has John Dutton Been Giving Hints to Jamie About His True Parentage All Along?

by Thad Mitchell

When it comes to the Paramount Network hit series “Yellowstone”, fans have learned that we should all expect the unexpected at all times.

That was certainly the case in season three as we learn that Jamie Dutton is not an actual Yellowstone Ranch Dutton. Much to his surprise, Jamie discovered he was adopted by the Dutton family as an infant. He makes the shocking discovery when he requests a copy of his birth certificate early in the season. In a state of dismay, he confronts his adopted father, John Dutton, who shares details about the events that led to his adoption. He also seeks out and finds his biological father, Garrett Randall. He learns that his mother was a drug addict and his father killed her after finding his baby sucking on a crack pipe. Randall reveals that killing Jamie’s mother was the only way for him to have a shot at a happy life. It is a mind-blowing revelation, to say the least, and its sets “Yellowstone” on a whole new course.

Jamie appears most upset that his father, who is the owner of Yellowstone Ranch, kept his true lineage from him. In a tear-jerking scene with the two men, John tells Jamie he’s earned the right to call the latter his son. This does not satisfy Jamie as he returns to Randall, who seemingly suggests that Jamie kill his adopted father. It’s a storyline that looks like it could come straight from a soap opera – but that’s “Yellowstone” for ya.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Points Foreshadowing Scene

A recent Reddit thread suggests that John could have been giving Jamie clues to his lineage since the very first episode. The thread starter suggests that a scene from the “Yellowstone” pilot episode foreshadows the season three revelation.

“In season one, episode one, John is putting stitches in his forehead,” the poster recalls. “Jaime walks in and John tells Jamie that his mother was better at this. At this point, Jaime takes over. When done, John tells Jaime he has his mother’s hands. “I’m thinking he’s referring to Evelyn Dutton, or could he be referring to Phyllis Mary Randal?”

It is an interesting and logical theory as the scene seemingly foreshadows Jamie’s discovery in season three.

Since the season three revelation, “Yellowstone” fans have come up with all kinds of theories regarding Jamie’s lineage. Some believe Jamie’s biological mother is John Dutton’s sister. Others think John Dutton and Garrett Randall made a pact for John to raise Jamie.

Outlandish theories are part of the fun of being a “Yellowstone” fan. It also helps to keep us occupied as we wait for season four to finally show up.

There is still no word on when the new season of “Yellowstone” will premiere. Most predictions on a start date have now shifted to late summer.