‘Yellowstone’ TV: Has Production for Potential Season 5 Already Began?

by Anna Dunn

Gabe “Gator” Guilbeau, the man who plays the Dutton Family’s cook on the hit western series Yellowstone posted some interesting videos on his Instagram story. In the videos, he’s shown drinking coffee on what looks like the back of a TV set. Even though season 4 hasn’t premiered yet, could this indicate that production has begun on Yellowstone season 5? Potentially.

But… it could also be something else. Fans are waiting with bated breath for more Yellowstone news, but Guilbeau also works as a craft service dept. head for a wide variety of TV series. It’s hard to tell if this was for Yellowstone or another project.

Will There Be a ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5?

Furthermore, Paramount hasn’t officially announced a season five. However, that’s not incredibly concerning as season four won’t be coming out for a couple of months or so. There’s also been plenty of rumors and misinformation spread about the potential fifth season. Spoiler TV released word that Paramount quietly renewed Yellowstone, but no other sources have been able to back it up. Filmbook also released an article about the “season five renewal,” but only cited Spoiler TV, creating further confusion.

However, thanks to Yellowstone’s ratings, it’s unlikely that the show will go anywhere any time soon. The beloved western was a hit right out of the gate, with 5 million people tuning in for its premiere. The finale last August drew in an impressive 5.2 million viewers. Not to mention, Yellowstone’s spin-off series 6666 and Y:1833 are in the works. It would be difficult to imagine two spinoffs airing after their flagship was canceled.

So whether or not Guilbeau is posting from the set of Yellowstone or one of his other projects, season five is likely. For now, fans can eagerly speculate about what’s going to happen in season 4. And there’s a lot to speculate about; season three ended on some serious bombshells.

Potential Season 4 Release Date

Yellowstone season four has no set premiere date, but most expect it to return this summer. Filming wrapped in November 2020, according to an Instagram post by the ranch where the western is filmed. The ranch also alluded to a season four premiere date in June, but Paramount has yet to confirm.

For now, if you’d like to catch up or rewatch, all episodes of Yellowstone are available on Peacock, where you can get a 7-day free trial. Hopefully, there will be more official updates about an official season four release date and a season five renewal from Paramount soon.