‘Yellowstone’ TV: Has Season 4 Premiere Been Pushed Back to November?

by Thad Mitchell

A great deal of mystery surrounds the premiere of a new season for Paramount Network’s hit series “Yellowstone” as the wait for fans continues.

Several dates have been thrown out as guesses as to when season four of the popular show will premiere. At one point, all signs pointed to June 20 premiere date for “Yellowstone,” but it was not to be. All three previous seasons of Yellowstone started out on Father’s Day — which fell on June 20 this year. But the day to celebrate dads came and went with no trace of a new “Yellowstone” season.

Now, rumors of a premiere date suggest we won’t be getting new “Yellowstone” episodes until much later in the year. A fan of the show recently took to Reddit to pass along a rumor that has season four starting out in November. The fan cites a social media account as the source of the disheartening rumor.

“I saw on Instagram via Deux Moi today that season four should premiere in November,” the Redditor and “Yellowstone” fan proclaims.

As you would expect, “Yellowstone” fans were none too pleased with this internet message board rumor. Several fans lamented the suggestion that they would have to wait till the end of the year for a new season. The thought of their favorite show holding off until Thanksgiving month did not sit well with other Reddit users.

“November? Everyone will be getting into the Christmas spirit, going overboard with the shopping, traveling, visiting and reveling,” a fan suggests. “People will make up for all the holiday cheer they missed out on in 2020 due to COVID.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Sound Off on November Rumor

The “Yellowstone” fan also suggests that a November premiere date would cause a sharp decline in ratings.

“Even if people DVR any shows and watch them later, that would mess with the ratings,” the Reddit user says. “It could make the show’s viewership look lower than it is.”

It is important to note that the November premiere suggestion is only an unfounded rumor at this point. “Yellowstone” officials have yet to give a definitive statement regarding a potential premiere.

Previously, it’s been suggested that the fourth season of “Yellowstone” will begin in August. The reasoning behind this is the upcoming mega sporting event that takes up a large portion of the ratings pie. The summer Olympics are expected to dominate television watching habits when they begin on July 26. The games will come to a close a couple of weeks later on August 8. “Yellowstone” creators would be wise to avoid a head-to-head ratings competition with the always popular summer games. This rumor has the show’s creators holding off on the premiere until mid-August after the Olympics have concluded.

So, we must continue to be patient fellow “Yellowstone” fans and remember good things come to those who wait.