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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Has the Season 4 Premiere Date Been Pushed Back?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Yellowstone fans are getting anxious about when we are finally going to see the hit Paramount series fourth season. 


It’s so close, yet so far. But the question is, how far is that? It seems that Taylor Sheridan and the rest of the Yellowstone cast may be the only ones that know the answer to that. Geez, call us Dr. Seuss.

The Silence Is Deafening

We have previously reported on when we think the release date of season four will debut, and all signs point toward Father’s Day weekend. Season three aired in summer of 2020, so season four should be close… right? RIGHT?

If our theories are correct, then I’m sorry, summer, and I’m sorry, Dad, but this day is more important. Yellowstone season four premiere should hopefully happen on Father’s Day weekend. Regardless, we are confident it will be a good weekend altogether.

If we were betting people, we would put our money on Sunday, June 20th. That is both a Sunday and Father’s Day, two guidelines the other premieres have followed.

However, we still have had radio silence from the producers about an exact date or even a trailer at the very least. Throw us some sort of hope on a horizon. 

We have also reported on why anxious fans may not even get why we don’t have a teaser yet. 

Since four main Yellowstone character’s lives currently hang in the balance, it’s hard to give a promo video that doesn’t spoil if they live or die. In fact, since three out of the four Duttons are potentially dead, you could only show Jamie, Rip, and a few cowboys from the bunkhouse. To be fair though, we’d be happy with any kind of trailer at this point.

Yellowstone Delay?

But now, with June just days away, we are second-guessing everything. Still the silent treatment. Has season four been delayed? 

Yellowstone fans debate the theory of the show hitting the pause button for now. 

“Pushed back, maybe August they will announce,” states one user.

When another viewer commented, “When is season 4??????? Dying over here”, the same fan responded, “Don’t die, be patient, it’s been pushed back, maybe August they will announce.”

However, this user notes that Yellowstone’s filming schedule is right on track. 

“I’ve read interviews with Taylor Sheridan. For the past three years, filming has started in August. So season 4 is right on schedule. The only delay would be if they had to stop filming and start back in the spring due to covid.”

However, two other fans went on to say how filming was “supposed to begin in July.”

According to Matt & Jess, the only reason anyone can think of why the show wouldn’t air this late in June is due to the Olympics, which occur in late July. This way, the series could get a whole season of Yellowstone in with their fans uninterrupted.

We would appreciate even a glimmer of hope at this point. Yellowstone, please help us out!