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‘Yellowstone TV’ Star Hassie Harrison Has Always Been A Country Girl Who Can ‘Stand Her Own Ground and Have Fun’

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

If there’s ever any doubt, this interview fully clarifies how much Yellowstone star Hassie Harrison isn’t phased by testosterone-heavy shows.

Yellowstone fans know and love Hassie Harrison as barrel racer Laramie. Most, however, got to know her prior as part of the Tacoma FD cast. And if these two shows have anything in common, it’s got to be the sheer amount of testosterone flung at the screen.

Harrison, though, is completely unfazed by this. In fact, she revels in it. For this 2019 Build Series interview with her Tacoma FD co-stars, the Yellowstone breakout dishes on how she’s able to handle the “razzing” of her male counterparts. And why shouldn’t she be able to? By all accounts, Hassie Harrison is a total badass.

In short: If it surprises you that women can be, in fact, badasses, too – and that such a thing is not specific to sex – you might want to turn back now.

“It’s awesome! I feel really lucky that all these guys are so cool,” Harrison begins for the sit-down. “There’s a lot of razzing… I get razzed a lot, but I think they might have hired the right girl who can stand her own ground and just have fun!”

While some may not be up for the task, be they male or female, Yellowstone’s Laramie is all for it. In fact, her Tacoma FD co-stars are quick to sing her praises, saying “She’s from Texas! She’s got a lot of that going for her.”

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The interview as a whole is priceless, with Hassie Harrison telling a “toilet story” herself that Yellowstone fans won’t want to miss. Give the hysterical sit-down a spin for yourself below:

Hassie Harrison talks being the only girl in the cast of “Tacoma FD” and the fun “razzing” that the cast likes to get into.

Build Series

‘Yellowstone’s Laramie: ‘Impossible Not to Love’

For us Outsiders, it’s impossible not to love Harrison as Laramie. The bunkers of Yellowstone are a rough, morally ambiguous group. But they’re our rough, morally ambiguous group – and Laramie takes them all by the reins.

A highlight of Season 3 was absolutely Laramie’s introduction. This of course, leads to her “super fascinating” relationship with one Lloyd Pierce. Barrel racing Laramie comes in to take charge as a “bunkhouse beauty,” and the show becomes better for it. Sure, things get a bit complicated for the two by Season 3’s end… But this only makes us anticipate Season 4 even more!

In the meantime, Paramount has an excellent “Bunkhouse Romance” montage made for fans. Within, the golden, unorthodox lovin’ between these two westerners is on full display – with Hassie Harrison speaking directly to the question on everyone’s mind: How did she end up with someone 40 years her senior?

“I don’t think Laramie sees age,” Harrison answers within. “I think she definitely sees his soul. She kind of clocks that he’s the alpha in the room, and that’s who she wants to be saddled up to.”

As for Lloyd’s end of it all, Forrie J. Smith says “she’s such a strong woman. My heart got on my sleeve a little bit.”

We’re right there with you, pal. Here’s to hoping for more Laramie in Yellowstone Season 4.