‘Yellowstone’ TV: Hassie Harrison Comments on Co-Star Ian Bohen’s Hilarious Recent Photo

by Jon D. B.

When it comes to ‘Yellowstone’s bunkhouse, the actors seem to be as good of friends off-camera as their characters are on screen.

And ‘Friends’ is exactly what’s at play here, too. In his latest post, ‘Yellowstone’s Ian Bohen – known to viewers as ranch hand Ryan – is laying his “strong” caption game on fans. One of those fans? Bunkhouse co-star Hassie Harrison.

“Be your own lobster,” Bohen posts to Instagram. Within, the star is wearing a crab bib and holding a large baking pan full of the crustacean. So why caption his post with “lobster”? As any fan of the classic sitcom ‘Friends’ will tell you, “lobster” is an inside joke between the show’s friends. It refers to “the one,” i.e. – your “lobster” is forever. Why? Because Phoebe says lobsters mate for life.

While lobsters don’t actually mate for life (sorry, Pheebs), Bohen’s post and caption are still bringing in strong praise from Harrison and others.

“Haha!! Your caption game is so strong!” Laramie’s lovely Hassie Harrison comments to ‘Yellowstone’s Bohen.

“The ‘Friends’ reference  😂,” another follower adds. Ten points to this guy for also getting the obscure pop culture reference!

Others, however, aren’t in on the joke. “What if I wanna to be my own frog?” another ‘grammer chimes in.

“I can’t Kermit on that,” Bohen replies. And with it, all points return to the actor. Well played, sir. Well played.

‘Yellowstone’s Bunkhouse Has Spawned Some True Friendships

Ah, the bunkhouse. The ranch hands of ‘Yellowstone’ have seen it all within its walls – good and bad. Through it all, some truly timeless friendships have developed both on and off-screen. One such bond exists between actors Jefferson White and Ian Bohen, with the two “as close as brothers.”

Jefferson White, however, may have himself a man-crush on ‘Ryan’s Ian Bohen – and with his recent behind-the-scenes photo, it’s easy to see why.

Jefferson White is also an amateur photographer and enjoys sharing his photography with fans & followers via social media. And as you may have guessed, his latest share is of ol’ rugged Ian Bohen himself.

“Ian on 35mm. Behind the scenes of Yellowstone Season 3,” Jefferson White shares to his official Instagram. Within, we see Yellowstone‘s Ryan actor looking mighty fine whilst (we assume) roping off-frame cattle.

Check out ‘Yellowstone’s behind-the-scenes shot of Ryan during Season 3 here.