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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Have the Duttons Ever Actually Finished a Meal at the Dinner Table?

by Thad Mitchell

With its newest season coming soon, Yellowstone fans are gearing up for the fourth installment of their favorite television show. It’s all we can talk about at our dinner tables, but we can’t help but wonder… Have the Dutton’s every actually completed a meal at their table?

Yellowstone watchers are eager for the season to begin in part due to the cliffhanger finale of the third season. The prominent Dutton ranching family came under siege from unknown attackers.

There’s no shortage of characters with motives to attack the Dutton clan as they are a powerful Montana family. The season ended family patriarch John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, taking bullets to the chest from an unknown gunman. John’s children didn’t fare much better in the season 3 finale. Kayce Dutton, John’s son, was also attacked while sitting in his office. He uses a desk to shield himself from gunfire but his status is up in the air. John’s only daughter, Beth Dutton, was the recipient of a “package bomb” that exploded when her assistant opened it inside the office.

With the fate of the Dutton family up in the air, one wonders if we will ever see them seated around the dinner table again. Though they very rarely do much eating around the table, it has become a key location for the Duttons to gather.

With their personal chef Gator cooking up a delicious meal in the kitchen, dinner is usually cut short by Dutton family drama. The Dutton clan is known to often leave the table before completing their meals due to disagreements. You can’t blame John Dutton for wanting to have a peaceful family meal — it’s just a rare occurrence.

Beth Stabs Jamie Under the Table During Dinner

The rivalry between Beth and Jamie Dutton is an intense one on Yellowstone. Their beef goes back to the time they were much younger than they are in the show’s present day. The two siblings clash often and viciously as they struggle to move past an incident that left Beth unable to have children.

In one particular incident, the Duttons are sitting around the dinner table with Jamie next to Beth. With Jamie’s female friend present, Beth takes a knife from the table and digs into her brother’s leg. With no one else noticing what was happening under the table, Jamie excuses himself and retreats to the bathroom — you guessed it, breaking up dinner.

It is only one instance of many that display the disdain the Dutton children have for each other. It is unlikely the brother and sister feud will cool off in the upcoming fourth season.

‘We Don’t Talk Business at the Dinner Table’

In another instance, Kayce Dutton attempts to engage his father into talking about family business at the dinner table.

Enjoying a glass of red wine while trying to relax and enjoy a meal, John lays down the laws of the dinner table. When the son asks his father about a recent proposition made to the family, it makes some feel uneasy.

“And that is why we don’t talk business at the dinner table,” John says in his signature grizzly voice.

Kayce immediately realizes his father’s discomfort and recants his statement.

“Understood,” he says. “Won’t happen again.”

Beth Melts Down…Again and Again at Yellowstone table

No list of Yellowstone dinner table interruptions would be complete without mentioning Beth’s tendency to be a loose cannon.

The blond-haired beauty is packed like a powder keg with anger, wit and a dash of sassy charm. She has ruined many a Dutton family dinners with only a few words, a wayward look or a steak knife.

In a particular episode, Beth begins laughing hysterically as Jamie takes a seat at the table with Christina also at the table. While she never explains herself, Beth is laughing so hard because Jamie returns to the family. Referring to her brother as a “chicken heart” she predicts earlier in season 2 that Jamie will come back because he is nothing without the Duttons.

“I don’t believe she has made it through a whole meal since she was 11-years-old,” John says jokingly.

Will the Duttons get a peaceful family meal together in the upcoming fourth season? Finish dinner without an argument or roll of the eyes? We wouldn’t count on it. (But we can’t wait to see)