‘Yellowstone’ TV: Have Fans Figured Out the Season 4 Premiere Date?

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of hit modern western drama series Yellowstone are counting the days until their favorite show returns.

We do not have an exact date for the premiere but Paramount Network officials are hoping for a summer start for season four. Many speculate the premiere date is likely sometime in the month of June. That speculation is growing amongst the Yellowstone faithful as some fans think they have found a clue pointing to late June.

Reddit user u/S2KxElite claims to have found an image proclaiming the start of season four to be June 20. The image in question can be viewed here.

“Found this from a friend,” the Reddit poster says of the image. “Haven’t seen thing official myself yet. Hopefully, it is true!”

The image bears a likeness of Yellowstone lead actor Kevin Costner and refers to him as “the land Baron.” If the date is correct, it would place the premiere on the third Sunday in June. It is also worth noting that June 20 is Father’s Day. The third season of the hit series began on Father’s Day 2020.

While the image could possibly contain accurate information on the premiere date — don’t take it to the bank just yet. Paramount Network officials have been vague and have yet to confirm an official start date for Yellowstone‘s fourth season.

Other Reddit posters note that the image could very well be fake and not contain accurate information. Thread commenters say the quality of the image isn’t great and that it is likely a fan edit.

“I wish it were real but it looks kind of fake,” a poster says.

The thread originator also responds and believes the image to be phony but wanted to share it with his fellow Yellowstone fans anyway.

“I don’t think it is (real) either,” the Reddit user says. “I thought I’d post it because it seems very very close and makes sense with the June 2021 announcement.”

Online message board communities, like Reddit, have become a haven for Yellowstone fans to pass the time until season four. Followers of the show love discussing, speculating, and theorizing what is in store for their favorite characters. The impatient excitement comes from the conclusion of season three that left us with more questions than answers.

With a premiere date growing closer by the day, the wait for Yellowstone fans will soon be over.