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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s Why the Duttons May Be Covering Up Beth’s Assistant Jason’s Death

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

Yellowstone fans are counting down the days until their favorite modern western drama graces our television sets once more.

The premiere of the fourth season is quickly approaching even though we don’t yet have an official start date. Yellowstone officials say they plan to premiere season four this summer with June appearing to be a likely premiere date. A late June premiere would put the beginning of the new season right around six to eight weeks away. Fans are chomping at the bits to know what happens to the Dutton family after they are ambushed at the end of season three.

There is a lot to unpack regarding the Dutton family and the finale of the third season. John, Kayce and Beth Dutton could each be dead or alive as we head into the fourth season. We also don’t the fate of fan-favorite ranch hand Jimmy, who was last seen flying off a bucking horse. His final scene shows him face down in the dirt with his eyes closed. Like the Dutton family, poor Jimmy’s fate on the Yellowstone Ranch is very much up in the air.

But, there is another mystery from Yellowstone’s second season that is still very much on watchers’ minds. Beth Dutton’s faithful assistant Jason is at the center of plot hole mystery. Unlike Jimmy and the Duttons, we know exactly what Jason’s fate was. Getting himself caught in the conflict between the Yellowstone crew and the Beck brothers, Jason is killed by the Beck’s henchmen. The poor guy is an innocent bystander who cowers and begs for his life before taking a bullet. That confrontation is the last we ever hear of Beth’s original assistant. It begs the question of is that coincidence or by design?

Yellowstone Fans Weigh in on Jason’s Death Coverup

A fan theory states that Duttons could have Jason’s murder covered up in order to pass through law enforcement scrutiny. The incident at the office results in a badly beaten Beth and two dead henchmen hanging from Malcolm Beck’s front porch. That isn’t something you run and tell the police — even if you’re considered the victim.

Once the event is over, John Dutton makes clear that he doesn’t want police involvement in the case. That would give the Duttons plenty of reason to cover up Jason’s death. An obvious and blatant murder would most certainly attract the attention of local, state and perhaps even national law enforcement.

So if Jason is the victim of a brutal murder, why wouldn’t the Duttons turn to the police to get justice? It is because they also have blood on their hands. A law enforcement investigation would most undoubtedly lead investigators to examine Yellowstone Ranch and the activities that go on there. Every fan of the show knows that even though they are mostly justified in their actions, the Duttons don’t care much for playing by the rules.

A likely scenario is that the Dutton believe killing the henchmen is justice enough for Jason. They may have even worked out a deal with his family to keep them quiet about the situation.

Could the Jason incident come back to haunt the Duttons and Yellowstone Ranch? Will the situation even be brought up again on the show? Will there be even more murders and coverups in season four? I think we all know the answer to that last question.

With the clocking ticking on season four’s arrival, Yellowstone fans will be getting answers soon enough.