‘Yellowstone TV’: Here’s How Actor Ian Bohen Is Using His Celebrity Status To Advocate For Yellowstone National Park

by Halle Ames

How does bunkhouse cowboy Ian Bohen use his platform to advocate for more than just the show Yellowstone, but also the national park?

Yes, the Dutton ranch is beautiful, but you know what else is just as scenic and real for people to visit? Yellowstone National Park. That’s right, for nearly 3,500 square miles, spanning across three western states, resides the beautiful national park.

Yellowstone features everything from phenomenal canyons, rushing rivers, green forests, hot springs, and towering geysers, including its most famous and largest in the world, Old Faithful.

Ian Bohen, the actor who plays Ryan, the ranch hand and livestock agent on the hit western drama Yellowstone, is using his platform to give back to a similarly named place. The 44-year-old actor was nominated as Fox News Power Player of the week back in January of 2020.

“Social media has given us a voice we normally didn’t have, and that is incredibly powerful.”

Ian Bohen’s philanthropic attitude took him to the park to film a tour with scientists while calling attention to Yellowstone’s environmental issue.

“If it starts to get hotter earlier, and things melt when they shouldn’t, it changes what food sources are available. That’s when things get really out of control.”

Ian Bohen Dives Deeper into the Beauty Around Him On Set

Furthermore, Ian Bohen took to Paramount Networks youtube channel for “Take Action: Save Yellowstone National Park” in 2019. With such a large ecosystem, the national park has a significant impact on environments and wildlife populations worldwide.

“For two years, I’ve been a ranch hand, working the land on the Paramount network series Yellowstone– a role I was born to play. See, as a kid, I discovered my love for this giant wild punch bowl, where the sky just goes on forever. But today, something is amiss. Yellowstone has seen changes that have hunters and ranchers, scientists, and park visitors alike concerned. Not just for the future of the park, but for the planet itself.”

Ian Bohen isn’t just concerned with his set or career on the show. The actor takes a deep dive into the changes Yellowstone National Park has already seen due to our impact. One scientist notes that hotter temperatures are coming a month sooner than they did only 30 years ago due to global warming. Fire damage can take out generations of wildlife in a single year. Animal population levels are fluctuating from breaks within the food chain.

“We are in the early stages of what I consider to be a catastrophe, and you can’t hide how you feel about this anymore,” says Dr. Mike Tercek, who has a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology. “This, for me, has to work out a certain way. We need to stop the problem before it gets to that point.”

“More Hopeful Than Ever”

Despite the daunting news, Ian Bohen admits that he is more “more hopeful than ever.”

“There’s a piece of Yellowstone that’s 22 miles from the nearest road. The most remote patch of land in all the lower 48 states, but no matter how far it is from asphalt or industry, it’s still Ground Zero for rapid climate change. So why am I leaving here more hopeful than ever? Because I’m leaving with the knowledge that citizens like you and me are fighting for this wild, magical place.”

It doesn’t take just one person. It takes us all.