‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s How Beth’s Company Schwartz & Meyer Could Work in the Dutton’s Favor

by Katie Maloney

“Yellowstone” fans have a lot of time on their hands as they await the season four premiere.

And what better way to spend that time, than to rewatch old episodes of “Yellowstone”? Well, that’s exactly what fans are doing. And while they’re revisiting the Dutton’s past, they’re noticing things about certain storylines that they previously overlooked. One of these details involves the bank, Schwartz & Meyer. One fan wondered why the bank decided to side with the Duttons on the show.

“I’ve been mainlining the show the last few days and may have missed an explanation for why this bank would want to work against development in Montana – seems counterintuitive?” wrote the fan in a Reddit thread. “Is it just that Beth sold them on the idea of making money on the land purchases or are they tied to the Duttons in some way?”

Why Did Schwartz & Meyer Team Up With Beth Dutton On ‘Yellowstone’?

Knowledgeable fans immediately jumped in to explain the business relationship.

“Owning the land and not developing it would entitle them to significant tax deductions which would allow them to offset profits from their business,” wrote one fan. “Corporations are taxed in such a way that this, in theory, could work.”

Another “Yellowstone” fan shared exactly which episode the explanation occurred in. They said that Beth explained her theory to the bank during the second episode of season three.

“It was the second episode of the third season,” wrote the fan. “She talks about receiving cash from the government to not farm in addition to the conservation easement, but the land would have to be transferred to a qualified organization so they wouldn’t be able to benefit from the farming anyway.”

Another “Yellowstone” fan agreed that it could have been a successful move for Beth, had she not lost the deal while jumping into a power struggle with market Equities.

“It’s a Smart move on Beth’s part – if she had hadn’t lost it trying to bully Market Equities. She can easily do that to failing companies; but not a giant like M. Equities,” they wrote. “They squash her like a bug, and now holds all the land around the ranch.”

Here’s What Makes Beth Dutton Extraordinary, According To Actor Kelly Reilly

Some call it bullying. Some call it being a badass. Either way, Beth Dutton knows how to get what she wants. And she’s not afraid to hurt people’s feelings on her path to get it. During an interview in 2019, actor Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton on “Yellowstone” talked about what makes her character extraordinary.

“Beth, she’s so fierce and formidable,” said Reilly. “There’s a freedom that she has. Beth just says and does what she feels. She’s not a cowboy, she hates horses. But she is of this land. She was raised by men. By cowboys. By ranchers of this brutal, beautiful. land. The only female, and that’s what makes her extraordinary. There’s no room for sentimentality.”