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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s What Kelsey Asbille Calls Her ‘Favorite Part’ of Most Recent Season

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Here is what Kelsey Asbille, the actress who plays Monica Long, says is her favorite part of Yellowstone season three.

Season three, man. That Yellowstone season took a toll on our mental stability. Between the three attacks and the threat of the ranch being taken by Market Equities to be made into an airport, it is almost too much to bear. Furthermore, the show shares the hatred between Beth and Jamie, as well as Jamie’s adoption story, and we meet his murderous father. Then the Yellowstone men rescue Tate, and Jimmy gets a girlfriend and then is almost killed. He is nursed back to health, only to be potentially killed once again.

*deep breath* Like, we said, Yellowstone packed a lot into one season.

Favorite Yellowstone Scene

Prior to the Yellowstone season three premiere, Kelsey Asbille and Luke Grimes, the actor who plays Kayce Dutton, sat down with Park City Television to discuss Asbille’s favorite part of the third season.

Spoiler, it’s not what you think.

“I think that, honestly, my favorite part of this season is– that I got to do, is Monica gets to ride horses and also have scenes with Rip, with Cole, which was really fun. But yeah, I felt like I was participating in a Western this year, so it was fun.”

You know, we thought she was going to say, the “shoplifting” scene with Monica and Beth. Or maybe when the cowboys get her on-screen child back from the mercenaries, but no. Kelsey Asbille was just happy to ride a horse. She is a woman that is easily pleased.

Also, what many fans forget is that even though these actors and actresses work together on a show, they may go full seasons or the whole series without acting in a scene with one another. It wasn’t until Yellowstone season three that Monica was in a scene with Rip. Two main characters that are just now sharing the screen. Crazy.

And while the bunkhouse cowboy, as well as pretty much every other character, gets to partake in the “western” part of the hit western drama, Monica is a little late to that jump. However, she is a protective mother, teacher, and growing up on the reservation, she hasn’t really had the opportunity until this season when she heads up to cowboy camp.

Monica Long’s Future

However, what will the next season look like for Monica? Does her husband Kayce die, and so Yellowstone slowly fades the heart-broken widow out of the show? Does Monica get attacked once again, but the assailant finally finishes the job? Is she more cowboy-ish and really takes to the ranches profession and rides horses into the darn sunset?

We are curious to see how Taylor Sheridan will play out season four with all these questions on the line. However, there is STILL no word from Yellowstone on when that will be. For now, we play the waiting game.