‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s What ‘Lloyd’ Actor Forrie J. Smith Says It’s Like Working with Kevin Costner

by Thad Mitchell

On the Paramount Network’s hit television series “Yellowstone” actor Forrie J. Smith plays senior ranch hand “Lloyd” to near perfection.

Smith says he is able to play the character with such great ease because he’s lived the life of a Cowboy over his 68 years. Lloyd is the oldest character among the Yellowstone Ranch hands and is more than happy to share his expertise with the rookies. He seems very fond of Jimmy, who leaves behind a life of crime to join the Yellowstone Cowboy crew.

Smith grew up on a Montana Ranch only four hours from where the Yellowstone series calls home. The rancher turned actor says he is able to draw upon his own life experiences to bring Lloyd to life. It also helps to be working alongside one of the greatest actors of this generation in Kevin Costner. The 66-year-old actor plays powerful rancher John Dutton with the same gusto that Smith plays Lloyd. In a recent interview, Smith says it is a real pleasure to work alongside the Academy Award winner.

“I’m just a country kid from Montana on screen with an Academy Award winner,” he says of working with Costner. “This is a dream come true for me, or actually, any actor.

Yellowstone Ranch Has Increasing Role in Store for Lloyd

Lloyd had become a Yellowstone favorite through the show’s first two seasons, leading to an increased role. He became a series regular for the third season and is likely to have a big role in the upcoming fourth season. The new season will likely debut this summer with June reportedly a target for the premiere of season 4.

As the elder statesman for the Yellowstone ranchers, Lloyd is Ranch Foreman Rip Wheeler’s right-hand man. Wheeler even asks Lloyd to be his best man when he weds John’s only daughter, Beth Dutton.

Lloyd is very supportive of his fellow ranch hands, especially Jimmy. When the rookie cowboy was looking to scrounge up money to pay off a debt, it was Lloyd who taught him how to “rodeo.” Despite being the oldest ranch hand by a wide margin, Lloyd has proven to also be one of the most capable. He is often tasked by Rip to take on difficult situations such as taking a wayward ranch hand to the “train station,” which is Dutton code for murdering the person.

Yellowstone fans certainly hope to see more of Smith and Lloyd as the fourth season draws near.