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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s When Fans Are Now Predicting Season 4 Will Premiere

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

There is a single question on the mind of every “Yellowstone” fan as we thirst for a fix of our favorite modern western drama series. When will season four get here?

Unfortunately for fans of the Paramount Network show, there are more questions than there are answers at this time. Initially expecting an early summer release, many “Yellowstone” fans thought we would have a premiere by now.

Most every fan of the show believed that the new season of the highly popular series would begin in June. With a few days left in the month, it appears a June premiere isn’t likely to happen. Now, “Yellowstone” watchers have zeroed in on a possible new date for the premiere of the fourth season. Several posters on message board forum site Reddit say July 6 is a date to circle on your calendar.

“I saw a commercial on the Paramount Network (Latin America) channel that a new season will premiere on July 6,” the Redditor writes.

This is obviously an unconfirmed rumor on the date of a potential “Yellowstone” return but has picked up steam. Other Reddit users and “Yellowstone” fans say a July 6 start date makes a lot of sense.

“That sounds good and timely,” another Redditor proclaims. “Get everything out of the way so we can concentrate and comment on season four as it is happening.”

In an interesting side note — July 6 falls on a Tuesday this year. Past seasons of “Yellowstone” have all premiered on Sunday evenings. Could we see our favorite show switching to a mid-week airing format?

While some have bought into the July 6 premiere date rumor, it seems unlikely to hold water. It is most likely wishful thinking on behalf of “Yellowstone” fans who are eager for the new season to arrive.

Most had June 20 as the likely starting date for the fourth season of “Yellowstone,” though it proved inaccurate. All three previous seasons of the show began on Father’s Day and many assumed the new season would follow suit. But, June 20 and the celebration of fathers came and went with no “Yellowstone” premiere. It’s led to some frustration among the show’s massive fan base, who simply want a timeline for the new season.

A late summer premiere is looking like a solid possibility with the Olympics ready to begin in late July. The summer games are typically a huge draw and rack up strong television ratings. It may be a wise decision for “Yellowstone” to avoid direct competition with the Olympics, which will conclude on August 8. It is after this date that we could see the return of our beloved show.

In the meantime, we must continue to wait patiently fellow “Yellowstone” fans. Each passing day brings us a little closer to its return and it will be well worth the wait.