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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s Where You’ve Seen ‘Teeter’ Actress Jen Landon Before

by Madison Miller
Photo from Paramount Network Press Center

The hit Paramount Network show “Yellowstone” has no shortage of familiar faces. From Kevin Costner to Kelly Reilly to Wes Bentley, the show is full of some prominent Hollywood actors.

You may have had a similar feeling of seeing a familiar face when watching the second episode of the third season. During this episode, viewers are introduced to the new ranch hand known as Teeter.

There’s a good reason she looks very familiar. “Yellowstone” is not Jen Landon’s, the actor behind Teeter, first rodeo.

Jen Landon: Other Notable Roles

She is well-known for her role as a younger girl on the show “As the World Turns.” She played Gwen Norbeck Munson on the show from 2005 to 2008. Landon then appeared on the show again in 2010.

She won three Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actress. On the show, she played a poor, emancipated girl. Eventually, she grows into a tough woman with some uncertainties in her life.

On the show, her character was pursuing a music career. Nini Camps wrote two songs that Landon performed. They were “I Saw Love” and “Slide.”

Jen Landon also played the role of Heather Stevens on “The Young and the Restless” in 2012. She was also cast as the wife of a serial killer in the final season of the show “Banshee” in 2016.

Landon has spent her career playing smaller roles in a number of TV shows, TV movies, as well as some films. Other smaller roles include TV shows like “Animal Kingdom,” “Days of Our Lives,” and “Helstrom.”

She may also be familiar due to her resemblance to her famous father, Michael Landon. He is known for his role on “Little House on the Prairie.”

Jen Landon on Landing the Role of Teeter

Jennifer Landon’s last major role was on “As the World Turns” when she was much younger. Her role on “Yellowstone” is really her breakout moment as an actor.

She explained to Decider just how hard she had to fight for a role in a show like “Yellowstone.”

I’m a lunchbox actor. Each job is a job fought for and a job got. So after all that hard work, to get something like Yellowstone and to get to work Taylor Sheridan, who I have tremendous respect for, and with actors of this caliber, it’s a no-brainer. Plus, I don’t know if I’ll ever audition for a part as cool as Teeter for the rest of my life. And I’m kind of okay with that,” Landon said.

The casting director, John Papsidera, had helped her also score the role in Jason Reitman’s “Front Runner.” For her audition, she looked at photos of cowgirls to get an idea of how she should portray Teeter.

For Jennifer Landon, she ended up falling in love with playing Teeter. The mix between a tough country girl with badass charisma and a pink-haired diva brought a lot of fun elements into acting.

“Teeter is gender-defying in a lot of ways. The pink hair was in the character description based on somebody Taylor knows. What wasn’t in the character description was dipping tobacco. When I auditioned for the role, I used chewing gum as a substitute for dip and wore a baseball cap,” Landon said to Decider.

Unlike any of her roles in the past, this one was physically grueling. She had to learn from a “horse guy in L.A.” Then she also worked with wranglers on set. From there she was riding horses and plopped in the middle of real cows.

Lessons From ‘Yellowstone’

Besides learning to deal with real-life farm animals and riding horses, Jen Landon claims that being on “Yellowstone” has taught her a lot.

When she walked into her audition she wasn’t confident that she would ever get the role of Teeter. However, she’s always confident enough to take risks.

“Take big swings, but always root it in truth and do YOU. I did NOT think there was a shot in hell I was getting this job. So I just went, OK, I’m gonna be this person, as I see her, to me, and that will be the only way I feel good walking away from this audition … And I also love the downtime I get on this show. I really get to observe and learn, not just from other actors, but from crew, and it’s given me an incredible chance to step behind the camera and learn from that perspective as well,” Jennifer Landon said in an interview with IMDb.

As for her future away from “Yellowstone,” Jen Landon has a new role she’s working on. She will be in the show “FBI: Most Wanted” as Sarah Allen, a horse riding instructor who will work with Special Agent Jess LaCroix’s daughter.

She is also rumored to be a love interest for Jess.

However, given the fact that she will be playing a horse riding instructor, it looks like she’s putting her “Yellowstone” skills to use.