‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s Why Jamie Dutton Is Possibly Innocent in Season 3 Finale Attacks

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” Season 4 is exactly one month away, and fans can’t wait to see what happens after that explosive Season 3 cliffhanger.

The main thing everyone wants to know is who attacked the Duttons? Season 3 left us with John Dutton bleeding out on the side of the road, and Kayce getting into a gunfight in his office. Beth’s office also exploded after her assistant opened a mysterious package. Based on the trailer for “Yellowstone” Season 4, we know Rip Wheeler finds John bleeding out and tries to save him. And knowing Rip, he’ll do whatever he can to avenge his new family against the attackers.

The only Dutton to make it out okay was Jamie. During the last season of “Yellowstone,” we found out that he was in fact adopted by the Duttons, and he went out to find his biological family. His father, Garrett Randall, apparently murdered his biological mother and spent some time in jail. Now, he’s encouraging Jamie to be selfish and take what he wants, including the ranch. But in order to take the “empire,” he would have to “kill the king,” per TV Insider.

Is Jamie capable of cold-blooded murder? And against the people who raised him? Even if Jamie’s relationship with the Duttons deteriorated over Season 3, it’s still a hard leap for him to make.

We saw in “Yellowstone” Season 2 how well Jamie coped with killing the journalist, Sarah Nguyen, who was going to publish an expose about the family. He made a split-second decision to kill her, and that led to Jamie almost killing himself. Planning out the murder of his adopted brother, sister, and father doesn’t seem like something he’s capable of.

Then again, Jamie’s already made decisions during the show that have betrayed the family, so this might not be any different.

Here’s Why Jamie Dutton Might be Involved in the ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Finale Attacks

When Jamie found out about being adopted, he made the claim, “From now on, what I do is for me” in “Yellowstone” Season 3. Part of that included maneuvering around Beth to sell part of the ranch to land developers.

He’s angry and bitter, a dangerous combination for someone with Jamie’s intelligence and power. He used his skills to beat back at the Duttons and align with their enemies, Roarke Morris and Willa Hays. Even if he didn’t order the assassination plans, it’s entirely possible he knew about them.

Especially since the family will turn on him once they found out he sold the land. This is just the latest of Jamie’s betrayals on “Yellowstone,” but it just might be the biggest.

We saw him run against his father for political office and then turn tail back to the ranch. We saw him get interviewed for the expose and seek his father’s forgiveness. But there might not be any coming back for Jamie selling part of the Yellowstone to land developers. And if he realizes that, maybe he thinks he’d be better off without his adopted family in the picture.