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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s Why John Dutton Might’ve Known He Was Going to Be Attacked in Season 3

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

If you have as many powerful enemies as John Dutton has, surely you’d be aware of the massive target on your back as well. With that being said, did John see the Season 3 finale attack coming?

Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton isn’t dumb by any means. He was well aware of how many people want what he has, and he knew the price they were willing to pay for it, including the lives of him and his family.

In the last few minutes of season three of Yellowstone, fans were shocked to see attacks carried out on Beth, Kayce, and John.

Warning: Season 3 Spoilers Ahead

The Attacks on the Dutton Family

Beth’s assistant opens a box in her office that Beth tries to warn her against. Obviously, Beth takes after her father, John Dutton, and has an idea about strange packages entering the office. The next scene is a street view shot of the Beth’s office, where we see fire, ash, and dust come pouring out of all the blown-out windows. We are curious to know if she will somehow survive the blast.

Kayce was in his big office as the Livestock Commissioner when a group of masked gunmen broke into the building. Our beloved cowboy isn’t inexperienced, however. Kayce Dutton used to be a Navy SEAL, so he is about as bada** as they come, and if anyone is prepared for that scenario, it’s Kayce. Once the gunmen enter the office, Kayce quickly flips his massive wooden desk to shield him from the bullets. That’s the last we see of him as well. We are hopeful that Kayce survives the attack.

Finally, John Dutton is driving down the road when he passes a mother and her young son, who have a flat tire. John pulls over to help the two and asks the son to look for a specific tool over in the grass. As soon as the boy is out of sight, a car pulls up and begins to fire bullet after bullet at the woman and John. The woman dies, and John sustains numerous wounds. However, he is saved by the thing he continuously dispises, his cellphone, which took the hit to his heart area. The young boy is spared due to the assailants being unaware he was there. We are also somewhat confident (bot more so hopeful) that John survives. One of the last scenes of season three shows him conscious and alert but injured.

John Dutton Hinted About the Shooting

While the finale might have thrown fans for a loop, one Reddit user might have seen this coming. They recall some foreshadowing John Dutton hinted at earlier in the season.

“I noticed this today when I was watching an early season three episode when John is talking to Tate about dreams at the camp. After John tells Tate that he can make his dreams whatever he wants them to be. Tate asks: ‘Have you ever had a nightmare?’ John responds: ‘Yeah, I have this dream I stop to help someone on the side of the road, but they don’t want help and then…’ Tate asks: ‘Then what?’. Then John says: ‘Never mind’. Is John having a premonition of what happens to him at the end of season 3? Is it possible that this could be a hint at his demise in season 4?”

We are glad fans are so observant because this is an excellent point to be made. Is John Dutton a dead man walking? Kevin Costner, the actor that plays John Dutton, is both a main character of the show and an executive producer. So, we have a feeling that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

As for who carried out the attacks, click here for our breakdown of people that had the motive.