‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s Why Monica Dutton May Have Been Behind Season 3 Attacks

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” fans are really divided about Monica. And there’s a vocal contingent who do not like her at all.

First, they called her “boring” and “unbearable.” Then they debated whether the show messed up the casting choice.

Then one fan came up with a novel theory: Monica was behind the roadside hit-and-run attack at the end of Season 3, but John Dutton was never the target. He was just collateral damage.

Leaving aside the question of what Monica could possibly have had against the mother from California and her kid who Dutton stopped to help, the theory is so far-fetched as to be funny. Indeed, fans instantly skipped over that question and jumped into a discussion of Monica.

What Is It About Monica for ‘Yellowstone’ fans?

Some “Yellowstone” fans on Reddit took issue with Monica, comparing her to grating characters from other shows and declaring her “annoying.”

“Monica is such a f—ing Skyler from Breaking Bad,” one fan posted. “But I’ll admit, she grew on me just a little bit this last season.”

“Yeah, what is it about her?” another fan chimed in. “Annoying.”

“Monica is completely annoying,” a third fan agreed. “If she hates John Dutton so much why does she live in [the] house, allow her son to be around JD. stop being self righteous and look at your own flaws.”

The Monica character may be a bit of a Rorschach test for people, revealing something about their likes and dislikes. Or it may just be that “Yellowstone” fans prefer their characters complex and morally ambiguous, and Monica is a bit too self-righteous for their tastes.

Does The Joke Derive from Monica’s Rant Against Phones?

Finally, after some discussion of Monica’s flaws, another fan jumped in to point out that the theory is probably a joke.

It’s “because of Monica’s rant about her students being on their phones,” the fan explained. “Then a phone got shot.”

Of course, of all the phones to shoot, Dutton’s is not the best target. He’s constantly dragging it out of range of cell service or ignoring it because he resents the bad news or hassles it tends to deliver. Of all the characters on “Yellowstone,” Dutton probably resents his phone the most.

It might have been funny to see Dutton shoot his own phone in one episode. Still, the notion that Monica would send an unmarked van to ambush Dutton’s phone is absurd, and that’s the point.

“This is funny!” one commenter added. “Too bad people aren’t getting the joke.”