‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s Why the Season 4 Premiere Date Likely Has Not Been Revealed Yet

by Thad Mitchell

The wait continues for a brand new season of “Yellowstone” and we have very little to go on as far as to when the fourth season might premiere.

A loyal bunch, “Yellowstone” fans have recently been expressing frustration over the lack of movement regarding the upcoming season. Social media rants from fans of the Paramount Network series can be found pretty much everywhere on the internet. As more and more fans grow restless, speculation on what exactly is holding up the premiere is growing. Previous seasons of “Yellowstone” have premiered on Father’s Day, which falls on June 20 this year. The date was thought by many to be one “Yellowstone” fans might want to mark in their calendars. As we zoom through June, Father’s Day is now just 12 days away and there is still radio silence regarding a premiere.

Fans are asking themselves and each other just what is going on and why we don’t have a “Yellowstone” trailer or release date yet. There are plenty of wild theories out there as fans try to figure out when their favorite show will return. A new report suggests there could be a simple reason for the lack of a premiere date — the fourth season isn’t finished yet.

‘Yellowstone’ Puts Out Casting Call for Additional Scene

It was thought that filming for the fourth season of “Yellowstone” is complete, but that might not be correct. The show recently put out a casting call for extras in order to shoot an additional scene. The newest casting call states that a “protest scene” will begin filming on June 10 in Hamilton, Montana. The full details of the casting call are available on the Yellowstone Montana Extras Facebook Page. The casting call reveals the show is looking for several actors to serve as extras. Specifically, they are looking for activist-types of all ages and members of the press as well as SWAT and FBI agents.

It is nothing new for a television show to have a need to film additional scenes. This appears to be a very important scene as it appears “Yellowstone” is willing to hold up premiering season four for it.

With a plethora of questions to answer, “Yellowstone” season four can’t get here quick enough. Fans are dying to know what happens to the Dutton family after the events of the third season finale.

It now looks like we might have to wait a little longer than initially expected. Hang in there “Yellowstone” fans — season four will be here before you know it.