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‘Yellowstone’ TV Highlights the Hilarious Moment Rip Wheeler and Mia Got to Know Each Other

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Relive the classic encounter as Rip gets to know Mia through a truck ride and death threat only Yellowstone could pull off.

“Rip was not prepared for Mia,” Yellowstone captions the scene on their official Twitter. And that’s an understatement. The Season 3 highlight showcases life-lovin’ Mia fully in her element as she unapologetically chats up Rip and Jimmy. While the cowgirl could smack Jimmy with the broadside of a frying pan and he’d still be head over heels for her, Rip, on the other hand… Well… this rare comedic performance from Cole Hauser says it all.

The scene’s a true gem for many reasons. Chief among them is Hauser getting the chance to show off his comedic chops, an opportunity Yellowstone rarely affords the actor. Jimmy’s caught in the middle for all of it, too, which makes it that much more painfully-funny to watch.

“Hey Rip, where’d you get your jacket?” Mia starts off the brilliant exchange. After a half-assed answer from the rancher, Mia wastes no time in sharing her honest opinions on everything from attire to sex appeal.

“I really like them short jackets like that,” she continues, each nugget of wisdom brilliantly sold by Eden Brolin. “They look hot on a girl… You know what I think is hot?” (doesn’t wait for answer…) “When a girl wears a jacket like it’s a shirt. Like nothin’ underneath… just a jacket,” she lays on the gents.

It’s at this point that Jimmy knows exactly how deep a hole he’s dug himself. Rip’s glare could cut through steel. And it only gets better from here.

Relive the classic Yellowstone scene below, and cherish Rip Wheeler even more than you already do:

‘Yellowstone’: When Jimmy Met Mia

Thankfully, Jimmy Hurdstrom himself, Jefferson White, has all-but-confirmed he’ll be back for Yellowstone Season 4. Fans are no doubt eager to see the fan-favorite survive his latest near-death rodeo accident. But we’re dying to see how one of the best love stories on the entire show ends up, too.

Death threats and emotional baggage aside, relive the first moment these two lovebirds met and see how quickly things escalated. Recently, Yellowstone also shared the beginning of Jimmy and Mia’s romance. It is absolutely worth a re-watch, as well, as the chemistry between actors Jefferson White and Eden Brolin is palpable:

“Ain’t gonna say nothin’?” Mia smiles from atop her horse.

“I didn’t really plan this out past comin’ over here…” Jimmy stumbles.

“Yeah…” Mia smiles. “I saw you at Three Forks… You scored an 89. Beat my brother.”

“I didn’t see you, or I would remember…”

“I was in the stands. Uhm… you are Jimmy Hurdstrom,” Mia smiles again.

“You, uh, you know my name?” Jimmy half-asks.

“Like I said I saw you in Three Forks. I’m Mia,” she declares, completely owning their first interaction.

“I’m trying really hard to think of something to say and nothin’s comin’ out…”

“You could ask me on a date,” Mia replies, continuing her forward ownership.

“I could… I could do that!” Jimmy lights up.

“So do it,” she replies with a huge grin.

And the rest – as we often say on Outsider – is history. Give the rest of the scene a watch here for another fine reminder of why we love Yellowstone like we do.