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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does the Hit Series Have an Unlikeable Character?

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Like every show pretty much ever created, there are characters that you love and the ones you hate. Here are our Yellowstone least favorites.

Although it varies from person to person, some characters are terrible no matter who you are.

Joffrey from Game of Thrones. Janice from Friends. Skyler White from Breaking Bad. All are terrible characters that we wish we could just reach through the screen and slap.

Hated ‘Yellowstone’ Characters

But what about our beloved Yellowstone?

As we said, it depends on who you are, but personally, we have a few Yellowstone characters we wouldn’t mind seeing get the boot.

Jamie Dutton

First and foremost, Jamie Dutton.

Don’t get us wrong, Jamie has been belittled his whole life, but he really is an awful character. Like a weak little worm.

You can blame his wormy ways on his Randall genetics, the constant search for love and acceptance, or that he is so submissive to his father, John Dutton. Regardless, he is constantly getting the Duttons in (and out because he is a lawyer) of trouble on Yellowstone. And nine times out of ten, Jamie has put the family in jeopardy due to dumb, selfish reasons.


Next, we cannot get over our dislike for Walker. We get it, he feels like a prisoner on the ranch, but the way he talks in riddles and is so lazy just grinds our gears. If he is going to leave the Yellowstone ranch, he just needs to leave and be done with it.

Maybe our disapproval for Walker stems from his ongoing feud with Rip, who ranks very high on the list of our favorite characters.

Honestly, we want to like him and understand that he’s trying to clean up his life, but part of us wants him just to drink the kool-aid and buy into the Dutton ranch philosophy. It’s like the mafia. Once you join, they’ll take care of you and your family. But if you make it difficult, then they will too.

Monica Long

Finally, this last character has been publicly called out on Reddit time and time again for being such an unlikeable character. We aren’t sure exactly why we or the Reddit world dislikes Monica Long, but we do.

It could be another Walker situation, where we just love Kayce Dutton so much that when he and Monica fight, we dislike her, even if her actions are justifiable.

Another reason we don’t like her is because she never is happy. She acts like it is Monica against the world, and that’s not usually the case. Like, honey, it’s not all bad. Turn that frown upside down!

Numerous Reddit users condemn the Yellowstone character, saying she is boring and unbearable.

“I want to fast forward every scene that she’s in,” one user said. “She’s the most boring person alive. There are boring characters in every show, but for some reason, she’s unbearable to watch.”

Another user notes one scene in particular that they didn’t enjoy.

“Her attitude is sh*t. Always pouty af. She makes me cringe. Especially her attitude when she was speaking to the President of the University in his office in S2E1.”

Whatever the reason is, we just hope she and Kayce can work it out and freaking love one another. Because when they are fighting, then Kayce Dutton is all moody, and we just don’t want to see our lovely cowboy like that. So, yes. We hope Monica stays, but only for the benefit of her sweet husband.