Yellowstone TV: Horseman, Actor Jake Ream Details How Taylor Sheridan ‘Invested’ in Actors Horse-Riding

by Quentin Blount

One of the main draws of the show Yellowstone is the fact that it features real-life cowboys in the cast such as actor Jake Ream. Ream recently went into detail in an Instagram video about how the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, makes the show as authentic as possible for the fans.

Jake Ream is a horseman and actor in the western genre known for his role as Jake in Yellowstone. In a recent video posted by the Yellowstone Instagram account, Ream went into detail about how Sheridan invests in the shows horses and actors.

“Taylor got the best horses,” Ream says in the video posted on Tuesday. “I mean, I don’t think you’re gonna see a TV series nowadays or anything like that with the caliber of horses.”

Ream also highlights that Sheridan has compiled a cast of actors that ride and do their own stunts. He highlights Yellowstone star Cole Hauser in the video as one of the actors who does so. Hauser plays the popular character in the show, Rip Wheeler.

“And he’s invested into the actors — they are riding, they are doing the stunts,” He says. “When Cole ropes those guys he is swingin’ the rope and runnin’ fast and doing a lot of that stuff which should mean a lot to the followers. But to me watching it, it’s real stuff — it’s exciting.”

Take a look at the entire video posted by the Yellowstone Instagram account below:

Jake Ream Went From Behind the Scenes to Screen Time in Yellowstone

During most of Season 1, Ream was just helping out behind the scenes initially. But then Sheridan let him do a roping scene and started working him in the show here and there.

For his part, Sheridan certainly seems to be happy with Ream’s addition to the cast. There’s no doubt that fans are too.

“Jake Ream, another cowboy who plays Jake in the bunkhouse, is this Utah cowboy who had never seen a camera,” Sheridan told Deadline in an interview last year. “He didn’t know what action meant. He didn’t know what cut meant. He’s been a very pleasant surprise.”

Meanwhile, the show makes sure to stay true to its authenticity. While it features real-life cowboys who may not be used to being on camera, Ream says it’s cool to see it all come together on the big screen.

“It’s for sure been interesting to go from never being around a movie camera in my life to watching all of it and see how it takes out,” Ream adds. “And then to actually sit down on your TV and watch it, it’s been fun.”