Yellowstone TV: Horseman, Actor Jake Ream Explains How He Met Show Creator Taylor Sheridan

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” features some serious wrangling. And actor and horseman Jake Ream is one of the real-life cowboys who populate the show’s cast.

In a new clip released by Paramount, Ream explains how he met “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan. It all started when Sheridan decided to buy a horse.

Jake Ream Meets ‘Some Famous Guy’

“I put a horse on the Internet about five years ago,” Ream said. “And Taylor called me up on the phone. He asked me what I was doing, wanted to try it. So Taylor just came down to the barn and rode him, tried him out and bought him. And they came down and started taking lessons.”

“It’s kind of a funny story – we were at a show and the secretary of the cutting horse association, she asked me, ‘How did you meet him?’” Ream also added. “[I said,] ‘Well, he just bought a horse from me.’” 

Further, she pulled Sheridan’s name up on the Internet, and told Ream Sheridan was famous. 

“So I went out to the trailer and I said, ‘So you’re some famous guy or something.’ And we just kind of laughed,” he recalled. 

From Behind the Scenes to Screen Time

Later on, “[Sheridan] called me right before ‘Yellowstone’ started and pretty much just asked me to give some riding lessons for the actors,” Ream said. “He goes, ‘Hey, take ’em on a pack trip.’ So we loaded up – I think we had 14 mules, and six, seven actors – and we went up on some ground that my grandfather owns. Went up there for four nights, and packed ’em in, and just taught ’em to be cowboys, I guess.”

Initially, for most of Season 1, Ream was just helping out behind the scenes. But then Sheridan let him do a roping scene and started working him in here and there. By Season 3, he was mouthing off to the governor (Wendy Moniz) and trading quips with the ranch hands on camera.

For his part, Sheridan certainly seems to be happy with Ream’s addition to the cast. Obviously, we are too.

“Jake Ream, another cowboy who plays Jake in the bunkhouse, is this Utah cowboy who had never seen a camera,” Sheridan told Deadline in an interview last year. “He didn’t know what action meant. He didn’t know what cut meant. He’s been a very pleasant surprise.”

Watch the clip here: