‘Yellowstone’ TV: How British Actor Kelly Reilly Considers Playing Beth Dutton a ‘Slice of America’

by Katie Maloney

Who isn’t fascinated by Beth Dutton on “Yellowstone”? Most fans are glued to the edge of their seats every time she comes on the screen, not knowing what she’ll say or do next. Beth Dutton is the definition of badass cowgirl energy. She will do anything it takes to protect her family (the ones she likes) and land. When you watch actor Kelly Reilly portray Beth, you might think that generations of her family really did tend to land in the West. But that’s not actually the case. In fact, the “Yellowstone” star hails from the United Kingdom. That’s right, in real life Kelly Reilly actually has a British accent.

So, Reilly didn’t grow up with horseback riding and mountains. During an interview in 2018, Reilly said that she was “fascinated” by the West. It was a part of America she had never really heard of before.

“For me, this is a slice of America,” said Reilly. “It’s very alive, there are people actually living and working on ranches in America right now.”

Kelly Reilly Said She Was ‘Fascinated’ By The Ranching Lifestyle Portrayed On ‘Yellowstone’

She added that her own background being so different from life in the West, made her even more interested in the role of Beth Dutton.

“There’s something about that lost part of America that I’m sort of really interested in, being British,” she said. ” I didn’t really know too much about it.”

Like a true cowgirl, the west immediately drew in the “Yellowstone” star.

“So, being in Montana and sort of experiencing the real roots of America. It was sort of fascinating,” said Reilly.

The Beth Dutton actress added that being a part of the conversation surrounding the controversies in the West is something that she was proud to do as well.

“Obviously, with what’s going in the country now, lots of room for conversations about that. You know with all. The Native American lands and all of that. That was all happening when we first started shooting. I’s sort of an interesting, passionate story.”

Luckily, the show’s co-creator, Taylor Sheridan, is highly informed when it comes to both sides of the story, according to “Yellowstone” actor Wes Bentley. During the same interview, Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton, said that the actors can go to Sheridan for information about their characters and the West.

“Taylor is one of the most informed, intelligent, creators, directors that I’ve ever worked with. You can have conversations with him about any social event or history or land ownership. I mean, he knows just about everything. Everything he writes about, he’s well-informed on. So, the conversations on set are very interesting because he carries that with him all the time. And it’s a tool you can use for your characters, as an actor. You can go to him, as an actor, and discover things from an intelligent point of view, about your character.”