‘Yellowstone’ TV: How Show Creator Taylor Sheridan Is Quickly Becoming a Real-Life Cowboy Legend

by Thad Mitchell

Taylor Sheridan, creator of hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” is beginning to make a name for himself among cowboys.

“Yellowstone,” now about to enter its fourth season, is all about the cowboy and ranching way of life. The show tells the story of a prominent Montana ranching family, the Duttons. Beyond the ranch, “Yellowstone” prides itself on glorifying the cowboy life and all that comes with it. The Dutton family and their team have, on more than a few occasions, doled out their own brand of western cowboy justice.

Because of the show’s accurate portrayal of the cowboy lifestyle, “Yellowstone” has become a smash hit among television watchers. The man behind the modern western drama is Taylor Sheridan, who is quickly garnering a reputation as a “cowboy legend.”

One thing that every cowboy needs is a horse and Sheridan has a deep love for horses. Aside from “Yellowstone,” it is his love of the equine industry that is earning him high marks among real-life cowboys. Whether it is riding, working or showing, Sheridan enjoys the company of his horses and wants others to feel the same.

‘Yellowstone’ Creator Putting on Horse Showcase Event

Later this year, Sheridan is putting on an event that will showcase horses and riders from all over. “The Run for a Million,” Sheridan’s signature event, is returning this year in August. A recent social media post declares that tickets for the event are now on sale.

The description on the flyer lays out the goal of the unique equine industry event put on by the “Yellowstone” creator.

“The goal in creating and producing ‘The Run For A Million’ is to introduce new people to the world of western performance horses,” it says.

Along with putting on this equine industry event, Sheridan also loves to show the horses that he owns. He recently had a horse place third in the PCCHA Derby.

With his success in the world of competitive horse competitions, it is no wonder why Sheridan is popular among cowboy enthusiasts.

Excitement continues to build for the return of “Yellowstone,” though Sheridan has yet to give an official premiere date. It was once believed that season four would begin in June but that seems iffy at best right now. The show recently revealed they were shooting a new “protest” scene and issued a call for actors to fill in as extras.

We are sure the extra wait for “Yellowstone” will be well worth it once the new season arrives.