‘Yellowstone’ TV: How Dan Jenkins Actor Danny Huston Feels Series Shows How America ‘Is, Was, and Will Be’

by Jon D. B.
Presley Ann/Getty Images

In this fantastic Yellowstone interview with Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser and Thomas Rainwater’s Gil Birmingham, Dan Jenkins actor Danny Huston delves into how tightly Taylor Sheridan has his fingers on the pulse of America.

When it came to boarding Yellowstone, Danny Huston had no doubts or hesitations.

“I got involved by reading the script,” Huston begins in this 2018 throwback interview for JoBlo. “I found it so epic in proportion. His writing is exquisite,” the Dan Jenkins actor says of Taylor Sheridan’s world-building. “I wanted to be a part of it!” he smiles.

And a part of it he became. As Jenkins, Huston would embody one of the show’s first and finest villains. His presence was enormous in Seasons 1 and 2, before finally meeting a violent end with the latter’s raucous finale.

Of this, Huston says Yellowstone feels completely of the film world in its scope.

“It doesn’t really feel like television,” he offers. “It’s a film! This first episode sort of stands on it’s own. Although, it will peak your interest to want to watch more.”

Through this, Huston truly enjoys being able to participate in a show that so thoroughly shows the American West as the heart and pulse of this country.

“It’s sort of kaleidoscopic, in the sense that it explores so many facets of what America is, and was, and will be.”

Huston then smiles again as he echoes how much he “wanted to be a part of” the world Sheridan built for Yellowstone, something fans are surely grateful for, too.

JoBlo.com sits down for an awesome interview with the the stars of the Western drama series YELLOWSTONE including Danny Huston, Gil Birmingham and Cole Hauser.


Danny Huston on ‘Yellowstone’s Character Work: Taylor Sheridan “Understands the Place and People”

Yet none of this would be possible without Taylor Sheridan, the show’s co-creator, writer, sometimes director, and all-around mastermind.

“With Taylor, you really get the sense that he understands the place and people. So you’re stepping into a world that is defined. And that’s a treat in itself, because as a person you’re able to see things that you wouldn’t otherwise,” Huston says of the Yellowstone leader.

Through Sheridan’s character-focused writing, Huston’s character was handed many terrific scenes. Some of his best was with co-star Gil Birmingham, whose work as Thomas Rainwater is equally as superb as Hustons’ as Dan.

“There’s a lot of great two-handed scenes,” he smiles at Birmingham. “We play golf, and we eat a lot!” the gentlemen laugh together.

“We were strategizing the whole time!” Birmingham laughs.

“So there’s also just plain old fun,” Huston concludes with a genuine grin.

For more from the phenomenal Yellowstone actors alongside Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser, be sure to watch the full interview above courtesy of JoBlo.com.