‘Yellowstone’ TV: How Jamie Dutton Can Redeem Himself, Prove Loyalty to the Ranch

by Thad Mitchell

It seems everywhere you turn, folks are asking what is coming next for the “Yellowstone” crew. Much of that discussion revolves around the cliffhanger ending to season three.

John, Kayce and Beth are attacked by an unknown entity as the final seconds of the previous season tick away. John and Kayce are gunned down by the assailants. Beth is the recipient of a package that turns out to be a bomb and it explodes inside of her office. The fates of the three Dutton family members are left completely in the air and they could be dead or alive heading into season four. Once we learn the fates of the Dutton clan, the big question becomes figuring out who did it.

The only one of John Dutton’s children that isn’t attacked is Jamie Dutton. This leads many to believe that Jamie is at least partially behind the ambush. Many fans also believe that Jamie’s biological father, Garrett Randall, plays a big hand in the attacks.

It is also entirely possible that Randall acted alone in an attempt to take out the Dutton family. For this exercise, we will assume that to be the case. If Jamie isn’t behind the attacks, can he reclaim the trust and respect he lost from his family? It is a question that many “Yellowstone” fans are asking.

“I think Jamie’s biological dad is behind the hit on John,” a Reddit user and “Yellowstone” fan writes. “I do not, however, think that Jamie had anything to do with it.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ponder Jamie’s Next Move

It is a tough question to pose to “Yellowstone” fans as no one knows where Jamie’s head is at. The mind-blowing revelation regarding his adoption has put him in a state of flux.

One thing we do know is that Jamie is always striving for John Dutton’s approval and affection. If Randall is indeed behind the attacks without his son’s knowledge, it could provide the perfect opportunity for Jamie to win back his family’s trust.

He could about doing that by exposing Randall as the culprit and informing his family and the authorities. In this scenario, Jamie comes out looking like a “Yellowstone” hero. Furthermore, he could continue the charade with his biological father long enough for the Dutton family to exact revenge.

Would Jamie turn on his biological father that easily? If it meant getting back into the good graces of his adopted family then the bet here is that yes he would.

Jamie Dutton is no dummy and when an opportunity presents itself he will take advantage of it. It may deem diabolical to use your family’s near-death to your advantage — but this Jamie Dutton we are talking about here.

One thing we think we can all agree on is that season four of “Yellowstone” can’t get here soon enough.