‘Yellowstone’ TV: How Much Does Luke Grimes Get Paid on the Paramount Series?

by Kayla Zadel

We know Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton on the hit series “Yellowstone.” He speaks what’s on his mind and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

Taking on a role of this magnitude comes with great reward. We might not know for sure how much Luke Grimes gets paid for his role. But according to Express, there aren’t any figures available for Grimes.

However, after we did a little more digging, Cinema Blend is giving us a little more insight. The online publication reports that it costs around $35 million to film one season of “Yellowstone.” If we continue to crunch numbers, each episode of the western drama series costs around $3.5 million to film.

We do know that Kevin Costner, who portrays the Dutton family patriarch, is making $500,000 an episode. Cinema Blend continues to do the math for us and reports that Costner’s co-stars like Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, and Luke Grimes all reportedly make around $200,000 an episode or less.

Furthermore, these numbers could possibly be adjusted since the gain in the show’s popularity.

Luke Grimes Shares Thoughts on ‘Yellowstone’

Grimes has been one of the main characters in the series since it first aired in 2018. He consistently makes appearances in all three seasons, and as far we know, he will be in season four. However, we were left wondering what his character’s fate will be at the end of season three. Plus we’re also wondering what will happen to the rest of the Dutton family.

Nonetheless, Grimes has said that he loves playing Kayce Dutton in the popular Paramount series.

The actor told PopCulture.com, “This is my favorite character I’ve ever played, and my favorite world as far as a story I’ve ever been a part of.”

He’s also says that sometimes it “feels like another life” when he returns to the set to film another season.

Grimes adds, “Some of my favorite things about the show are those days when I just know that it’s going to be like me, and a bunch of the bunkhouse guys, and Kevin [Costner], and Cole [Hauser], are all on horseback together all day long, running around chasing cows or doing whatever. I mean, those are some of the most like, I mean, it’s just so dreamy, right? It’s like when you’re young and you want to do this for a living, you hope it’s going to be like that.”

“Yellowstone” is making its return in June 2021.