‘Yellowstone’ TV: How Much Does Tate Dutton Actor Brecken Merrill Make for The Paramount Series

by Suzanne Halliburton

It’s lucrative to play Tate Dutton, the apple of his grandpa’s eye, on “Yellowstone,” the hit series.

Brecken Merrill is the precocious 12-year-old actor and model who plays Tate Dutton, an eighth-generation of his family. He’s the only grandson of John Dutton, the family patriarch who is played by Kevin Costner.

According to Tuko.com, Merrill’s estimated worth is up to $1 million. That’s a lot of cash for a kid who won’t celebrate being a teenager until this June. The site says Merrill also makes money from endorsements. That makes sense. Yellowstone is a huge hit for the Paramount Network.

Merrill, besides playing Tate Dutton, also has his first starring role in the upcoming movie “We All Got to Dance.” It’s a coming of age dramedy set in the 1960s with the Vietnam War as the backdrop. Merrill plays the main character, Emmett LeClair.

Merrill is an active user of social media. He describes himself as an “actor, adventurer, smart-mouthed kid.” And in the past week, he’s talked about a name for the family’s new puppy. He’s also posted a throwback photo to season two. Plus, he lost a tooth.

Tate Dutton Is One Smart Kid. So Is Brecken Merrill

But trust us, the kid is smart. He won’t say what Tate Dutton is up to on “Yellowstone.” Most fans know that he’s the son of Kayce and Monica Dutton. But he won’t tell what happens to any of the major characters. In the season three finale, John Dutton was shot. So was Kayce Dutton, while a bomb detonated in Beth Dutton’s office. Beth is Tate’s aunt.

Season three left everyone in the air. Filming for season four started last August and finished sometime in November.

Merrill will talk about the show, but he’s vague. When asked the best thing about playing Tate Dutton, Merrill says “It’s really fun riding horses, I actually have a specific horse I like to ride.” So he’s a cowboy in real life, too.

Little Tate Dutton also can pull off a line. Outsider recently listed the top 10 best ones.

He asked granddad John: “Well if ranching’s so hard, why do you do it?” John explains why the ranch is so important in this video. Hint, as John Dutton says, ranching is “one hell of a life.”

Tate Dutton also has killed a rattlesnake with a rock. And, he’s also making sure his grandpa buys him a horse. Cause he needs one if he’s going to inherit the ranch.

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