‘Yellowstone’ TV: How One Real-Life Bunkhouse Story Involving the Cast Ended Up as a Scene on the Show

by Jon D. B.

Towards the end of this excellent Yellowstone Season 3 sit-down, Ryan actor Ian Bohen reveals how one impressive Bunkhouse “trick” made it into the show.

For the interview, Vegas Film Critic (Jeffrey K. Howard) “speaks with one of The Bunkhouse Boys, Actor Ian Bohen for Season 3 of Yellowstone on The Paramount Network,” and gets some pretty fun stories out of him within.

Towards the last minutes of their sit-down, Howard asks Bohen for the inside scoop. Are there “clicks” in the Yellowstone cast? Surely there’s at least one with the Bunkhouse Boys, right? Howard wants to know – and Bohen dishes a bit.

“Eh… There’s some gossip! I can’t get into… I’ll tell you one story,” Bohen hesitates with a smile. “This was fun. We are always playing with cards, because Jeff is like a pseudo-magician,” he reveals of co-bunker Jefferson White, who plays Yellowstone‘s Jimmy Hurdstrom.

“He can do things with cards where you’re like, ‘Oh my God, what just happened?’ And then, there was a dartboard one day… You’ll see this [in Season 3] because we actually got it on film,” he reveals at the time.

Vegas Film Critic (Jeffrey K. Howard) speaks with one of The Bunkhouse Boys, Actor Ian Bohen for Season 3 of Yellowstone on The Paramount Network.

Vegas Film Critic

The Ian Bohen & Jefferson White Card-Trick that Made it into ‘Yellowstone’

“Jeff is always throwing up cards, so I said ‘Jeff, go stand next to the dartboard,'” Bohen recalls, motioning to a painting of bucks behind him as if it were said dartboard. “Stand here… Take a card… And throw it up!” he motions. “And I’m going to stand back here and throw a dart and stick it to the dartboard,” the Ryan actor grins.

“And he’s like ‘Bro, not a chance!’,” he says of Hurdstrom, but Bohen was equal parts adamant and confident. “So we do it! One flip… Two flips… A third flip – and THWIP – it stuck to it!”

“It took us about two hundred more times to do it again,” Bohen laments of the trick. “The first one was the Queen of Spades. And then I got the Queen of Hearts and I stuck that one! I actually have both of the cards with the dart holes in ’em.”

Fantastically, Bohen says that he had the Yellowstone cast sign the cards so they could then be auctioned off for charity – like the excellent gent he is. “So that’s something hopefully people can look forward to later.”

“And that’s just something we did in the Bunkhouse! Which is so what we do in the show,” he concludes. “It’s a terribly dangerous thing to do,” he laughs.

Sounds about right! For more from Ian Bohen in this great Yellowstone interview – including how Kevin Costner mentored him as a child during filming Wyatt Earp – we’ve got you covered!