‘Yellowstone’ TV: How Ryan Actor Ian Bohen Felt About Being Mentored by Kevin Costner on 1994’s ‘Wyatt Earp’

by Jon D. B.

In this great Yellowstone Season 3 interview, Ryan actor Ian Bohen details his childhood experiences with the one and only Kevin Costner.

Las Vegas Film Critic (Jeffrey K. Howard) “speaks with one of The Bunkhouse Boys, Actor Ian Bohen for Season 3 of Yellowstone on The Paramount Network,” to some pretty great results.

Right off the bat, Howard points out that Bohen’s “association with Kevin Costner goes way back to Wyatt Earp in 1994, doesn’t it?”

“Yep! Yeah, that was the first really big job [for me], let me say that,” Bohen answers. “When I was a kid, I remember… I was in the kitchen with my mom and we had phones with the cords on the back back then,” he smiles. “The call came in – she picked up the phone and it was my agent to tell her that I had booked this job!”

At the time, Bohen says he and his mother “had no idea of what the scope of [Wyatt Earp] would be like. I’m not even sure I knew that Kevin was in it at the time!” he says of his iconic Yellowstone co-star.

Vegas Film Critic (Jeffrey K. Howard) speaks with one of The Bunkhouse Boys, Actor Ian Bohen for Season 3 of Yellowstone on The Paramount Network.

Vegas Film Critic

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Ian Bohen and Kevin Costner Go Way Back

“Then we go to Santa Fe, New Mexico… I meet him! He’s there, he’s a producer on the movie, so he’s always there even though we’re not in the same scenes, obviously,” he continues.

Bohen says “obviously” because, as die-hard fans will remember, he plays the young version to Kevin Costner’s older, stalwart Wyatt Earp in the film. Of this incredible childhood experience with the Hollywood legend, Ian Bohen says that “He would talk to me, he guided me, he was nice! He was… A dude!” he says as the highest of compliments. “The age that I am now is the age he was when he did [Wyatt Earp].”

“I think about it in the sense of… If I was talking to a new young actor right now, what would I tell them? That’s the dynamic. And here we are playing Cowboys & Indians!” Bohen smiles wide of his Yellowstone work with Costner.

Fans of the show are happy to see such an interview with the actor, as are we Outsiders. Ian Bohen is a terrific gent – one that gives back whenever he can – including to our U.S. National Parks.

“Great actor and truly an awesome human being- what a privilege” replies fan Toby.

“Great interview. Love his character but I wish they’d give him more to do,” echoes Angie S.

Here’s to more from Bohen and Costner both come Yellowstone Season 4 this Fall, 2021!