‘Yellowstone’ TV: How the Season 3 Finale Explosion May Drastically Change Beth Dutton Moving Forward

by Katie Maloney

Traumatic experiences often change people. Could this be the case for Beth Dutton in season four of “Yellowstone”?

A near-death experience can cause someone to reflect on their lives. They may think about past decisions, analyze their habits, and ultimately decide to make some big changes. Well, having a bomb explode in your office is a pretty traumatic experience. So, fans are wondering if Beth Dutton’s near-death experience will cause her to make some drastic changes.

“That blast was massive and even if plot armor keeps her alive, good writing dictates there must be a horrendous price for Beth to pay–much, much more serious even than the beating she took at the hands of the Beck brothers,” said one Reddit user in a thread debating Bet Dutton’s fate in season fou of “Yellowstone.”

The same fan wondered if the bomb would cause long-lasting physical changes in Beth.

“As the show moves forward into the coming seasons, having Beth permanently disabled as a result of the blast also opens up all sorts of new dynamics within the family, with her relationship with Rip, and most of all in her perception of herself and who she is—and that’s just good tv.”

Will Beth Dutton Be Permanently Injured After The Bombing In The Season Three Finale Of ‘Yellowstone’?

Another “Yellowstone” fan wondered if the bomb would result in Beth slipping into a coma. The fan was very much against that plotline.

” I don’t know but if they put her in some kind of coma and we do flashbacks all season long I’m gonna turn the show off,” said the user.

Another fan offered a fate a little less intense than the other suggestions.

“If she’s temporarily disabled, I can live with that. Her struggle with overcoming and adapting will make her stronger,” said the user.

They added that, in the past, Beth has been a nit self-destructive when it came to her health: smoking, drinking, getting into fights. so, perhaps, the accident will shed light on just how precious life is and Beth will make some changes.

“Hopefully, it will also make her more aware of how precious and special life is,” wrote the “Yellowstone” fan. “Beth tends to be reckless with her health (drinking, smoking, insulting and pissing people off). She needs to change some habits and attitudes so she will live past 40.”

One fan found a happy medium between all the fan theories. They wrote, “I’m sure there will be a combination of some injuries and some ‘plot armor’. But, alas, we still have a ways to go before we find out.”

Unfortunately, they are correct about the wait. Fall may only be a couple of months away, but in waiting-for-your-favorite-show years, a couple of months feels like forever.