‘Yellowstone’ TV: If Jimmy Survives, Will He Stay in a Relationship With Mia?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Will Yellowstone’s Jimmy character stay with his girlfriend Mia if he survives his most recent fall from the back of a horse? That’s what we’re all hoping to figure out.

In the last few minutes of Yellowstone season three, chaos broke out for many main characters.

Yellowstone Serving the Tough Choices

Beth was involved in a bombing. Kayce was attacked in his office, and John was shot numerous times on the side of the road.

However, Jimmy wasn’t attacked at all. His fate lies in his own hands as he willingly crawled on the back of a bucking horse. Of course, frail little Jimmy was tossed quickly from the freight train and left face first and unconscious in the dirt.

Although, if Jimmy does survive his rodeo injuries once again, will he go back to Mia?

While we have debated about Jimmy’s loyalty in the past, Mia is the first girl to give him attention, let alone believed in him. She encourages his dreams of becoming a rodeo star, however, we wonder if he gives up the dream due to injuries and John Dutton putting his foot down, will she still like Jimmy? Or does Mia only like Jimmy because he can cling to the back of a horse? It may not be up to Jimmy to decide at all.

If everything does turn out okay for Jimmy, he is faced with a choice. Will the awkward, noodly cowboy choose the Yellowstone ranch and his friends or Mia and a career as a rodeo star?

It’s a hard option to choose between. One means his livelihood and “family,” while the other is his love life and the dream job he actually feels purpose for.

We must also consider the fact that Jimmy is a branded man. He isn’t exactly just allowed to leave the Yellowstone ranch whenever he pleases. John Dutton has killed people for a lot less than the termination of employment.

Predictions and Hints

Yellowstone’s Jefferson White, the actor who plays Jimmy, may give a hint as to how he thinks season four will play out.

“Jimmy is sort of questioning his decision to take the brand. And he is imagining this other life with Mia. And Mia is pushing him in that direction. She is pushing him, I think it’s really beautiful, actually. She’s not pushing him to do what she wants, she’s pushing him to do what he wants.”

Fans on Reddit also give their opinions on Jimmy’s actions throughout Yellowstone.

“Mia was cool at first, but I’m totally over her. I hope Jimmy chooses to stay on the ranch. Though honestly, I feel like he’s going to be paralyzed.”

Another added,”Jimmy stayed true to himself to the bitter end. He was team stupid all the way.”

We will just have to see how Yellowstone season four plays out in a month.